I was avoiding this So Faded for a little while. For one thing, I really wanted to finish the gargantuan Dotted Rays, so I did (pictures soon). And secondly, I felt like the colors were off. This IG photo shows my original lineup of colors, working left to right. When I got to the third color, Rain Dancing, it seemed to be such a departure in tone (warm to very cool tones) from the previous color. I blended it and knit a few inches of it, but I kept setting it aside and feeling that I wouldn’t truly love it with that color transition.

For awhile I did that thing where I try to talk myself into the combo as is, because I’ve already wound the yarn, and I can see what it looks like with the fourth color, etc. Then I just decided to rip it out and go with my other original favorite. The current third yarn is Claudia Handpaints in the colorway Jonquil. I’ve had this in the stash for a long time. I really wanted to go all speckled yarns, but I think the striping on this is going well with no pooling, so it will work out. I’ve had this yarn stashed for at least 3 years or so. It was time.

I think my final color will be the kettle dyed Dream in Color Smooshy in Melon Bomb that I previously used on Over the Top Top that went to the frog pond. I think that will be a lovely transition. I had to let go of the full on speckled sweater, but it will be a speckle to stripe to semi-solids instead and I’m sure I’ll love it.

Either way, my knitting mojo for this project has been completely renewed and I’m excited to keep going! This is my official Rhinebeck sweater, so I’m down to just a couple of weeks! Eeeeeek!

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