The New York Sheep and Wool Festival, aka “Rhinebeck” was an absolute delight! I got to see many lovely folks I follow online, including several designers like Diana Walla, Alexis Winslow, and Ysolda Teague that I went all fangirl about at the Ravelry meetups. If you want to see pics of me and those folks, check out my Instagram. I also ran into Spaldowaldo wearing an Articulation, and that was exquisitely exciting because I have never seen one of my designs on someone in the wild before!

I traveled with my friend Michelle, who was an excellent travel companion. This was my first time to be at Rhinebeck with someone as enthusiastic about yarn as I am, so it was a great match. Upon arrival we immediately spotted a long line and had to investigate. It turned out to be the line to pay for Miss Babs yarns. We checked out the booth and checked ourselves into the line after falling in love with some gorgeous finds. Matt had been requesting a fingering weight navy sweater from me, so when I stumbled upon this Keira in the colorway McHale, his next sweater fate was sealed.

I also fell in love with some Yummy 3-ply in Coos Bay and decided to snag enough for a sweater for myself.

Waiting in line was well worth it, especially when we got to the front and got to meet Miss Babs!

After that it seemed time to meander around the festival a bit more. We wandered, got some delicious pierogis and then caught part of the Ravelry meetup for Saturday. The lines were crazy long on Saturday for all of the food and many of the tents, so it seemed like we spent about 1/3 of the day in lines, but being surrounded by hoards of knitters that can chat about the sweater you’re wearing and the sweaters they’re wearing and projects on the needles makes the time fly. It was knitting nerd heaven. We hit the wine and cheese building before heading back to our Airbnb in Ancram and called it a night.

The next day was definitely calmer. We still saw amazing sweaters everywhere, got a requisite apple cider donut, ran into folks I’d only known online, and checked out the adorable animals to give them thanks for their beautiful fibers. I thought I was done with yarn, I really kind of did. However, Michelle realized on Saturday night that she might need more Miss Babs yarn for a pant pattern, so we had to return. Then, like a raccoon, I was distracted by the sparkly objects, aka the gorgeous Estrellita yarns. I had to get some in Biker Chick (because I saw folks buying that the day before and was sad I didn’t) and the pinks and grey of Pinball Wizard also called out to me. Behold Biker Chick: 

And Pinball Wizard:

Ok, I still thought I was done. Then right before we left we decided to make one last lap through a building we had only traversed quickly on the day before. Then I discovered scrumptious Primrose Yarn Co. yarns and I knew I could probably squeeze just two more skeins in my luggage. Both yarns are fingering weight, and the style is called Sophia. I especially love that this one is named after a Sia song. This is called Fire Meets Gasoline:

This one is called Dream Warriors and I can’t wait to see those colors knitted up!

All in all, it was a fantastic trip. I had saved half of my carryon to fill with souvenir yarns and they all fit! It was supremely exciting to take home those gorgeous yarns. I have already rolled up a ball of the Keira to start a sweater for Matt. I’m thinking I will participate in NaKniSweMo this year and get a sweater going for Matt. Since it’s fingering weight I don’t know if I’ll make a month deadline, and I still haven’t decided if I’m designing it or just knitting something lovely someone else has designed, but it’s coming up in the knitting queue.

Were you at Rhinebeck? What was your favorite thing about it?

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