I am delighted to have both of these sweaters finished, photographed, and already worn several times by the kids. I even made sure to get name labels in them before I let them wear them out of the house. As an added bonus, they love them and don’t mind wearing matching sweaters.

These are Little Oak cardigans, in the 2T and 6yr sizes. I added additional length to sleeves in Charlotte’s case, and additional length to both bodies in both cases. The yarn is Manos Alegria in Magenta. I haven’t weighed the pieces to get the exact amounts of yarn, but I had four skeins of the yarn and have about 1.5 skeins left. If I’m remembering correctly, Charlotte’s took about one and a half skeins and Zooey’s took about two.

This would be a fantastic first sweater for someone comfortable with a little cabling as well. It’s knit from the bottom up and flies by (as long as you don’t set it aside for 5 months like I did with Zooey’s), and then the cabling part is really fun, which is motivating at the end. I’ve made this four times now. I think it’s a great unisex sweater and great for little kiddos. Cardigans seemed to get more wear overall for Zooey, and now Charlotte, since they are more easily layered and discarded when it gets warm.

This yarn is sooooo buttery soft. I think Zooey is starting to notice much more often which projects are super soft and which ones aren’t. The hoodie I made her last year hasn’t been touched this year, though she was obsessed with it last year. She also decided that purple is no longer her favorite color. Pink is. Luckily her new cardigan straddles both of those colors. Kids are fickle. At least Charlotte may wear Z’s discarded R&R Hoodie even if she never touches it again.

With these done I’m free to devote my knitting energy to Z’s current sweater request, as well as a new design I’m working on for Matt out of the gorgeous Miss Babs yarn I acquired at Rhinebeck with him in mind. One more shot of these little folks, since I just can’t resist.

Happy knitting!


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