I went a little crazy the day before Thanksgiving and went through my stash. I should have been solely focused on getting our house ready for hosting the next day, but I got that inspirational urge/itch that won’t go away. I started with the UFO basket in the living room where current projects live and put all of the partial balls from recent projects in their proper place in the stash. Then I decided the partial balls should be somewhat separated based on color. Then I decided the whole stash needed an overhaul and I should just let go of some yarns I bought ten years ago with intended projects in mind that never happened.

Still couldn’t give up the possibility of spinning…

I got rid of two grocery bags full of yarn and passed them off to friends. It felt fantasticSome of the yarn had been hanging out in Ravelry as for trade or sale yarns, but I just decided it was time for them to go because my accumulated yarns were beyond my storage capacity. We live in a small house (maybe 1000 sq. feet) with four people. That helps keep things in check, but the space under our queen size bed is packed to the max with yarn in four large storage containers. Some had to go because those were over stuffed, or other items were just stuffed in elsewhere under the bed.

All of the miscellaneous fingering weight yarns

I used to organize solely by weight, but since my fingering weight now needs more than one container, I decided it would be helpful to also organize by amount, so I also organized by what had sweater quantities available. I still need to go through Ravelry and delete the yarns I passed on, but it’s a relief to be able to store things nicely again. Too much disorganized yarn can really raise my anxiety and it takes away from the delight of having a stash to dive into.

After a few hours of this I was feeling fantastic. I bagged sweater quantities together and similar yarns to help myself find them. I found homes for the yarn I didn’t want. I settled into a nice feeling of organized satisfaction.

More sweater-like groupings of yarn

When Matt got home that day I proudly told him about my endeavors and showed him what I was getting rid of. He congratulated me and then said, “Don’t you still have a bunch of yarn stored in the desk.” Oh damn. I guess I still have a little more to sort…

Do you keep a substantial task? If you organize it, what method do you use? I’d love to swap tips.

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