Matt and I now have matching socks. I’ve had mine for some time, but I got the opportunity to try out some Regia 6-ply from the first Arne and Carlos line in my favorite colorway, Fall Night. Knitting socks in the 6-ply version are much much faster. I believe I knit these for Matt with 56 stitches at the widest point, rather than the 72 I usually do for fingering weight socks.

He was amazed that our pairs look so much alike. That’s the miracle of machine dyed fake Fair Isle socks, folks. It’s always fun to pull those out of a bag and see the impressed looks until I point out that the yarn is doing all of the work.

This project kept me company during two recent movie theater trips to Ladybird and Wonder, both excellent movies. Sometimes I really associate knitted items with times or events from knitting them, and these have many positive associations. I just realized I never made a Ravelry project page for these, so I’m not really sure when I started them, but it’s been probably at least 6 months. Sometimes I can find out when I started something by glancing over my Instagram posts, but apparently I was radio silent about these there as well.

Either way, Matt seems like he will enjoy them. He reports that they are very warm. I’m hoping they last him for years to come and I’ll surely encourage matching sock days from time to time, just because matching knits make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

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