This version of Aperture Shawl was a little improvised at some stages. I used a Katia Gradient kit and planned on following the charts for the smaller shawl. I wanted to use as much yarn as I could by making additional repeats of the final shawl chart for as long as I could. As it turned out, I accidentally ended up working the charts for the larger size and didn’t even get to complete one entire final chart. Either way, all is well and I like the way it turned out.

This is a very belated birthday gift for my mother, who loves all things green. I originally planned to make it for myself, but then I realized that it should be for her because it would fit into her wardrobe much better than in mine.

It ended up blocking to 78 inches at the widest point, so if you use a gradient kit or approximately 560 yards of some yarn to make this shawl, you could end up with one about this size. I was playing a little bit of yarn chicken at the end while working with the yellow color. I was not sure how many rows I could knit before being forced to do the i-cord bind off. Does anyone have a good estimate for how much to leave for an i-cord bind off? I know with regular bind-offs the rule of thumb is about 3-4 times the length of the piece. Had I been super scientific I could have measured the amount of grams used in the row before the bind off and measured how many grams the bind off took. Perhaps next time I’ll try to have that amount of forethought and let you all know!

This yarn is super soft and has wonderful drape. I’m really hoping she’s going to love it.

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