I wish I could show you these pants on my sweet and adorable niece, but alas in the festivities of Christmas I forgot to try for a photo like that. I did remember to take a hasty photo before I wrapped them in a package, so at least I can share those.

These are a modification of Ze Tiny Pants. In this case I used a sport weight yarn, Ewe So Sporty that I received in a Knit Crate last year. I wanted to make them as long as I could, also allowing enough booty space for cloth diapers. I’m pretty fast and loose with kid pants, making them what I feel like doing in the moment. I did start with 98 stitches in 1×1 rib. I increased to 106 following the ribbing and then did mirrored increases in the center every few rows. I did some short rows (see the pink smile section on the booty) to allow for a butt curve.

Following that I divided the legs and did mirrored decreases on the legs every few rows. I wanted to use every bit of the yarn. I was knitting these at the most amazing conference this month (The Evolution of Psychotherapy–if your’e a therapist or in a related field GO!) and I did these during many of the sessions. I thought I was going to run out of yarn so I completed the cuffs in pink. Then a couple of sessions later I decided I could probably get a couple more rows out of the gray so I ripped the cuffs and used every last bit. I was aiming for a nine month size. My niece is about 5 months old now, but when you use cloth diapers you usually have to size up a bit in pants. Hopefully these will fit and last through the cold months in her home state of Minnesota!

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