It feels like forever since I’ve blogged, even though it’s really only been about 11 days. The anxiety creeps up and I realize I’ve said nothing about knitting on the internet and must say something immediately. Here’s my proof of knitting in the last couple of weeks.

These Endpaper Mitts were supposed to be done by the end of the school day on December 22nd, or at least that was the clear deadline in my mind. That was Zooey’s last day of school before break (so I thought) and these are a gift for her teacher (who I feel confident doesn’t read this blog). Can you see where this is headed yet? Zooey is still on holiday break till Monday, and I had 2 solid weeks of break settled in my head. Well, as it turns out neither Matt nor I studied the calendar as we should have and her break actually started on the 20th. Disaster!!! I didn’t realize my deadline was completely blown until the Tuesday before her real break, and there was absolutely no way to get it done at that point. I gave in and got her teacher a gift card and told myself I’d finish them by the end of break.

But school starts up in two more days, you might be thinking, astute reader. Yes. It does. And do I have more than one measly mitt (with ends hanging out) to show for it? Nope. Guess which lady over here got some new kitchen tools and has been completely distracted by learning how to make Schichttorte, Gougères, lemon pudding cakes, and risotto cakes. This lady. It’s been a blast, but at some point after a hard core kitchen immersion that also involved completely cleaning and reorganizing every inch of my kitchen, I realized it’s been a while since I did much knitting. Or talked about it. By the way, my first Schichttorte was a complete failure because I didn’t know that the broiler on my gas oven was in a drawer on the bottom of the oven until I’d ruined about 3 of the 20 layers. I feel a little embarrassed about that, but I got back on the horse and tried to make another today. It’s cooling, but I have a feeling this one will be definitely edible!

So I only have one measly mitt today. It was slightly better than the stockinette sleeves I have going, but I’m sure I’ll debut them soon in an attempt to provide fresh content.

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