The Endpaper Mitts are finished and have been handed off to Zooey’s kindergarten teacher. I didn’t get to see her open them, so I’m just hoping she enjoys them! I’m glad to have them done.

When I put my concentration on finishing the second one it only took me about 4 days (work days with knitting on breaks and in the evening). I was pleasantly surprised because I thought it would take me longer, but really the chart repeats go much faster than it seems like they would. So fast that maybe, just maybe I’ll make another pair this season for myself! We’ll see.

I need to weigh out the remaining yarn to see how much I actually used. The pattern calls for 50 grams of each color. The yarn I used was Malabrigo Sock in Archangel and Cloudborn Fibers Superwash Sock Twist in Ecru. I divided the larger skeins in half so I wouldn’t have to carry around two monster skeins. I believe I have at least half of those half skeins left, meaning that I probably didn’t use more than 25 grams of each color total. I’ll get around to weighing the remains and update my Ravelry page. I have a TON of sock yarn scraps that I would have paired for these, but since I couldn’t remember how much yarn I actually used for my original pair and didn’t have them around to weigh, I had to just go with the pattern recommendation because I wasn’t up to playing yarn chicken. But NOW I can be fully informed and empowered to make a crazy pair out of some fingering weight leftovers.

My knitting to-do list has gone haywire since the beginning of the cold season. I thought I would be knitting another kid sweater by now, but they have so many that they barely wear, so I’m turning to knitting another one for myself after I finish Matt’s. I’m wavering on the decision to write up the pattern for his. I’m divided. Maybe I’ll finish and post about it and see if there is interest first.

Happy knitting!

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