Those of you who have made mistakes before that require extensive frogging (ripping out your knitting) are likely well acquainted with the meaning of individually rolled balls of yarn with crinkly yarn coming off of them. Yep. I’ve done some ripping of sleeves in the past few days.

These sleeves were probably 14-15″ when I decided to count and make sure everything was on track and figure out how many increases I had left before I planned to take them to knit in a movie (Paddington 2). When I did this I discovered that one sleeve had five more stitches than the other. Ahhhhhh! Yikes. When I investigated further and really took a close look I realized that there was no quick fix. I had to rip back to about five total inches of sleeve and then I still had to make an increase appear a couple of rows back from that point.

I was lulled into comfort by the soothing stockinette and it didn’t occur to me to count and check on things! Bah! It feels like this fingering weight size 40 something in the chest sweater will never be done! I know it will, but I put the sleeves in time out from the afternoon of the mistake discovery until the next morning. I mentioned this to my kiddos and Zooey looked at me wide-eyed. Time out? She knew those sleeves were in trouble. To be fair to the sleeves, it’s my human error of course. Luckily, I adore this Miss Babs Keira yarn in McHales. The color has just the slightest amount of variation. It’s the only sweater I’ve made him so far that I think he could wear next to the skin with no issue if he wanted. I’m so glad I have some squirreled away in the stash for myself too!

Ok, ok. I’m going to get back to these sleeves and try to have a good attitude about it. Slow fashion, right?


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