As I am currently starting the sleeve cap shaping on Matt’s unnamed sweater, I decided it was time to block the front and back. I’m pleased to say that it blocked out to the exact dimensions I expected with no need to stretch and no feeling of oh-no-it’s-growing-so-much that sometimes happens with superwash yarns. This is Miss Babs Keira in McHales and I was also happy to see no real bleeding in the pieces when I soaked them. I almost always wet block pieces and sometimes there is a lot of bleeding. That’s usually an indication that you should wash the finished piece separately for a few washes, or you can treat them with citric acid to fully set the dye. I did wet block my swatch before starting the sweater, but there can be a big difference in how things behave when you consider that pieces of a sweater are much heavier than a swatch.

The sleeves are nearing the finish. Knitting has been very slow for me lately. I’m taking things slowly to avoid injury, as I periodically get pain in my right arm ranging from the wrist all the way up to the shoulder depending on how much I push things. I know that’s not a good attitude so I’ve been trying to slow down so I can keep knitting for life, not just for now. I also purchased a book on knitting ergonomics that I am eager to read and review. I’m sure it will have great tips and it has lots of exercises to help prevent injury.

I’m ecstatic to be blocking these pieces. I still haven’t decided if I’m writing up the pattern or not. At this point it seems like an extensive amount of work, but then again it could be a good way to engage knitting brain while giving my body a rest.

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