Sweaters in the summer

finished coda-2I’m pretty thrilled with my SSKAL 2014 project, Coda.  The sweater is a lovely Brooklyn Tweed pattern, by the talented Olga Buraya-Kefelian.  The yarn is Cascade 220 (one of my all time favorite workhorse wool yarns) in Summer Sky, an apt name for a summer sweater project. It’s been crazy stinkin’ hot here in Arkansas, but surprisingly the weather was in the low to mid 60’s for part of the day yesterday and today, and I got to actually wear this for a few hours yesterday.  Amazingly good timing to finish. finished coda-3I adore this pattern.  It has impeccable little details, like tubular cast ons and bind offs that make it look really polished.  It’s reversible, which is very cool.

finished coda-4I sort of wish I had made the smaller size, at least somehow in the top piece, because the yoked side (with the curved arch) seems to have more material than necessary at the top and can look a bit balloonish if I don’t keep my shoulders back. finished codaMaybe I can just think of it as extra incentive to work on my posture.  This was a very fun and engaging knit.  I’d put it at a 3.5 out of 5 skill-level wise.  There are lots of areas of stockinette where you can tune out and relax a bit, but the cables pull you back in and keep you on your toes, as well as the raglan and yoke shaping for the top piece.  Luckily, the pattern included row by row instructions for some of the trickier parts, so you can follow along with a row counter easily.  finished coda-5I can’t wait for more chilly weather to wear this!

One sleeve at a time

If some knitting can be done in pairs, I usually do so.  I always knit socks in pairs, and I almost always do the same for sleeves.  This time I changed my mind.  coda-6The sleeves are simple enough and could be done two at a time, but I have several projects going where I’m pulling from both ends of a wound ball and I get tired of untwisting it, so I decided to just do these one at a time and avoid that on this project.  Much of the raglan/yoke shaping is tracked row by row in the pattern, so it will be easy to keep things identical.

coda-7This sweater is making me long for colder weather.

Warning: Cables and short rows are highly addictive

Coda has captured my attention for quite a few evenings this week. It’s my SSKAL14 project this year, and it’s delightful to knit. It was smooth sailing through the stockinette. I threw in an extra waist decrease and knit an extra 3/4″ length for my 37″ bust size.  Then I got to the cables and really fell in love. coda cables-3Especially when the cables turn into an arch with short rows. I just want to keep going and going and finish the section. I will be a little sad when they’re over. coda cablesThis is definitely a knit where I’m soaking up lots of pleasure from the process. I highly recommend the pattern.

SSKAL14 begins!

The yarn came Monday afternoon!  Now I can turn this: 

summer skyinto this for this year’s Summer Sweater KAL. The yarn is Cascade 220 in Summer Sky heather, one of the most truly gorgeous yarns my eyes have beheld. codaMmmm.

coda-2Though the unstretched ribbing looks like a sweater fit for a child, it does indeed fit over my hips. I tested it just to be sure.  I’m making the 37″ size and I might add a tad more waist shaping than called for in the pattern, but it looks like it will be an interesting part of the journey when I get to the top, and in the meantime, the subtle heathered blues will enchant me.  The KAL started a week ago, so I’d better get going!  I have a couple of secret projects that may slow me down, but I’ll make time for the beautiful Coda.

Can you handle the cuteness?

mini gemini-7Z’s mini Gemini is completed and we photographed it this weekend! I used about 200 yards of yarn in Jo Sharp Summer DK Cotton in the color Poppy.  I don’t know if this yarn is still out in the world anywhere.  It was deeply discounted at my LYS last summer and I snagged it.  mini gemini-2Look at that little cheeser.  mini gemini-8I’m happy that she’ll get to wear this as the weather cools a bit.  mini geminiMaybe it will even fit in the spring.  I made it about 9 inches from the armpit to the bottom.  See some numbers details on my Ravelry project page.  mini gemini-11If you can’t tell already, I love taking pics of my kiddo, so you get a picture heavy post! mini gemini-9Ladies and gentlemen, we’ve got another Matchy Matchy KAL project finished!

My yarn for a Coda just came in the mail a few minutes ago, so I get to cast on tonight!


Socks on Sunday

It’s been a glorious Sunday.  This morning I got to have breakfast with two treasured friends, then I saw Maleficent and finished these socks in the theater: sunday socks-2The yarn is Julianna”s Lucky Star Sock Yarn in Truly Outrageous.  It has a hint of sparkle, but isn’t over the top with it.

sunday socks-3I lucked out with the self-striping and my heel flap.  The stripes were barely disturbed.  Even though I know an afterthought heel would always allow uninterrupted self-striping, I just love the feel of a heel flap.

sunday socksThey’re just another pair of toe-up two-at-a-time socks done on magic loop with a heel flap. That’s my go-to vanilla sock format.  I have enough left to make Z some socks, though I think I’m going to start making her socks as tube socks (no heels) so she can grow into them for a longer time.  I’ll add this to the Operation Sock Drawer list.

I also got some super bright Regia Fluormania sock yarn from my LYS last week.  I can’t wait to make socks out of this!! It’s colorway 7188.  Happy Sunday! fluromania


driftwood-3Driftwood Tee, my second TTTKAL project is finished!  This was a quick and easy knit.  I think I might have done a few too many rows on the eyelets, as I spaced out a bit on the number of rows, but I made the front and back match closely enough that I don’t mind or notice if it differs from the pattern.  driftwood-2This rolling of the garter stitch NEVER stops happening with the sleeves.  I don’t know if it would help to make it wider.  I think the most effective solution would be to pick up at the edge of the sleeves after the shoulders are seamed and make garter rows at that point.  This wasn’t on my radar when I wore this top to brunch yesterday, but as I was taking photos today it was on my mind constantly since I had to adjust it over and over.  I did a wet block for this top, so I didn’t think it would be a problem, but it continues to roll.

The yarn is Manos Serena in Boysenberry.  I used about 590 yards for the top.  I ended up knitting to 13.5 inches before increasing for the sleeve.  I did add some waist shaping, decreasing 8 total stitches on the front, and then again on the back, on either side of the 28 center stitches so the shaping wouldn’t interfere with the eyelets.  driftwoodI would consider making another one of these sometime, probably altering the sleeve edging. I think I will really enjoy wearing this top as work or casual attire.  driftwood-4