Moving sale–All SOLD!

I’ve never done this before, but I forced myself to sort through knits and have decided to eliminate a few since we will be moving soon and it seems like a good time to honestly assess what needs to continue to be carted around. These are knits I loved creating, but have hardly ever (or never) put to use. I am not selling these for a profit. I am selling them solely at the cost of the yarn or less. If you’re interested leave me a comment. The first person to comment gets the item unless they fail to make a PayPal payment within 24 hours, and then I’ll move to the next commenter for the item. I’m sorry, but I won’t be shipping internationally. Only United States buyers please.

The dress form shown has a 35″ bust for size reference. All items have been stored in a cedar chest inside plastic bags.

Stripe Study–SOLDstripe study

stripe study-3

This has one small repair spot shown at the bottom right.

stripe study-5 stripe study-4

stripe study-2
See my Ravelry project page  for specific yarn details. It’s an asymmetrical shawl. I love the colors together but they just never really fit into my wardrobe. I’m selling this one for $45 + $9 shipping cost. Total is $54 that can be payed to in PayPal.


lolita-3 lolita-2
This vest is made from Sublime Tussah Silk. It has a bit of sheen that you can see in the middle picture. I’m selling this for $32 + $6 shipping, for a total of $38 that can be payed to in PayPal. See this project page for more finished pictures. It’s a size small, but the armholes are 18″ in circumference, making the sizing more flexible.

Honeybee Cardigan — SOLDhoneybee

honeybee-3 honeybee-2

I made the cropped version of this design. I followed the pattern for a 33″ bust size, but it stretches quite a bit. On my project page you can see it easily accommodating a 38″ pregnancy bust. Length from armpit to bottom of cardigan is 7.5″. Sleeves are 11.5″ in length. Sleeve width is 10″, but on my project page my arms are about 12″ around. The color is also more like the photos on the project page since they are captured in natural light. Selling this one for $40 + $6 shipping for a total of $46 that can be paid to on PayPal.


visionvision-3 vision-2This was such a fun piece to make. It is made from Rowan Kidsilk Haze. See my project page here for a shot of this with clothing. I just never really wore it. It might be a bit too elegant for me. I’m selling this one for $30 + $5 shipping for a total of $35 payable to on PayPal.

February Lady–SOLDfebruary lady

february lady-3 february lady-2This one was never worn. It was all done except for buttons for years and after I got around to finishing it I wasn’t really in love with it anymore. It’s a 35″ chest size made with Berroco Ultra Alpaca. This one doesn’t have a project page on Ravelry because I made it before I was diligent about cataloging projects. I did add some length to the original pattern on the body. It’s 18″ from armpit to the bottom of the cardigan. Sleeves are 12″ in length and 12″ in circumference. This one is $50 plus $10 shipping for a total of $60 payable to on PayPal.

If you are interested please leave a comment. I’ll reply to that comment saying it’s yours. When you make a PayPal payment include your name and full address in the notes to me. If payment is not received within 24 hours of the comment I’ll move to the next person that wishes to buy the item. All sales are final.

One week later


I promise this won’t turn into a baby-centric blog, but my world is a bit baby-centric right for the moment. Just a week ago today this little nugget was born. We are so fully in love with her. This is one of the best parts of new parenting–having a sweet dozing baby on your chest.

We are getting the hang of things. Day 4 and 5 postpartum were rough ones with some of the rockiest emotions I can ever remember having. The hormonal storm has subsided and even though we are lacking some sleep, we are slipping into some quiet contentment.


Zooey is hanging in there. She seems ambivalent about Charlotte some of the time and enamored with her at others. It will take some getting used to and we are being accepting of all of her feelings. She seems like such a big kiddo now, having conversations, and learning so quickly.


Charlotte smiles in her sleep often. She’s completely addictive. I can already tell she’s grown in a week and is gaining well. I’m just trying to savor this time as much as possible.

I’m still able to do some knitting while she sleeps on my chest. I’m about to bind off the Breezy cardigan sleeves and start on the enormous front bands. More soon!

Baby Charlotte arrived!!!

Remember when I said I was baby ready on the 15th? Well, I went into labor that day and had her the next morning. Meet Charlotte Willow. She was born at 36 weeks and 5 days weighing 5 lbs 12 oz and measuring 19.5 inches. She was born at 11:38 on the 16th.


Needless to say I might be distracted from knitting for awhile.

When fall turns into spring

vitamin DNo, fall doesn’t come after spring. But sometimes a knitter might abandon an early fall knit for wools when the weather turns cooler. That’s precisely what I did with this Vitamin D, and lo and behold it was spring before I picked it up again. Luckily I could tell exactly where I was in the pattern and I was just a few inches from the bottom. vitamin D-4

This color reminds me of some of the pink dogwoods around my neighborhood, so it will fit right in as a spring piece. I used Louisa Harding Aimée in Cupid. It’s very soft, but I fear it might shed or pill a bit as it did while I was knitting the piece. vitamin D-2This is another one I knit at a different gauge. This one was 22sts and 28rows over 4″ as I knit it on a size 4 for most of the body. I was aiming for about a 35″ chest size. I also added a repeat of the yarn overs to the bottom for a little extra length. The length grew about an inch and a half while blocking though, so I probably could have skipped that. I’m cool with it though. The yarn is 90% cotton and 10% cashmere.

I will likely make this again, perhaps in a fingering weight wool. I think the fronts could drape a little better, but I still like it for now.

Baby ready

I’ve finished the baby blanket, so the baby can come now, right? pinwheel-2This Pinwheel Blanket is finished. I used Dream in Color Smooshy in Callous Pink. I used almost 3 full skeins. The color looks very different in different lights. Sometimes the grey looks very grey, and sometimes it looks completely purple. I’ve loved and hated this colorway during the knitting. At certain points the skeins got very grey and I felt like they weren’t cheery enough for a baby blanket. Z’s was much more bright. I’ve decided to think of it as elegant and leave it at that. pinwheelThis ended up being about 40″ in diameter. I was aiming to make it the same size as Z’s and I pretty much succeeded. Even though I use the same kind of yarn I somehow got to more stitches and ended up with more leftover yarn when I made Z’s (800 stitches and about 1/3 of the ball). This time I used almost all of the yarn and only got to about 750 stitches around. It’s a bit mystifying considering I used the exact same size 5 needle. When I blocked this it greeeeeewwwwww, so I threw it in the dryer a bit to firm up.

I’m down to two WIPs, y’all. This is pretty crazy and kind of awesome. I finished and blocked Vitamin D and will show that soon. I’m still on the sleeves of Breezy Cardigan and it’s been fairly cool and damp the last few days, making me happy to knit wool. I have Kiddo Kicks socks that I’m saving for a small project to take to the hospital and that’s it. I’d better start dreaming of new knits…

Screaming spring greens

I’m so happy to finally blog about Marin. I finished this almost a month ago and should have taken pictures with it when we went on vacation in St. Louis, but I guess I was distracted by being on vacation. marinThe yarn is Hazel Knits Artisan sock in Euphorbia and I used all but a yard of the skein. For those that wish to knit Marin, do heed the numerous Ravelry project pages that speak about running out of yarn. On this post I wrote about how I ran out of yarn about 1.5″ from the end of the tip. I unravelled one of the full chart repeats and reknit with a size smaller needle because I didn’t want to wait for a new skein of yarn, and this was purchased so long ago that I would have to stripe in a second skein to blend skeins of different dye lots. The magic of hand dyed yarns can also be a downfall if you don’t have enough in the same dye lot! marin-2Reknitting with a smaller needle was not noticeable in my opinion. When looking at the whole piece I can’t even tell which side I did it on after blocking. If I knit this again I’d use a slightly larger skein of sock yarn. Hazel Knits has 400 yards. I’d just choose one that had even 10-15 more yards and that would be plenty. marin-3I adore this color. The shawl was fun to knit and is reversible. It was a pretty quick knit. Despite being one that has a chart to pay attention to, I finished it in about a week with the reknitting. marin-4It’s a fairly small shawl. I find those fit into my wardrobe better than large shawls. I will likely knit this pattern again. I love the scalloped edges and little bit of cabling.

Still bed resting away, despite my occasional sneaking out to take blog photos… Jude commented on my first post about bed rest that perhaps one of the reasons Z came early was due to the stress of us moving while I was pregnant last time. Well, apparently my being pregnant just coincides with us having to move because we found out from our landlord that we would have to move by the time our lease is up in July. My head exploded a little last week when I found this out and I was freaked, but we have some promising options that have come up in only a week that make me very hopeful. Moving with a newborn and a toddler would not be my first preference, but we will manage.

Any guesses on when this kid is going to make an appearance? My bet is the 17th or 19th or 23rd, simply because I like prime numbers.

Light as air

Need some spring/summer knitting inspiration? As the weather has been warming my mind drifted to a glorious little piece of linen that I had on the needles. I can’t believe I started this Linum Tee last July and didn’t finish it till now. I kept thinking I must have started it in late August and that explains my indifference come fall, but I had it on the needles for the majority of the summer. It just doesn’t make sense. linumI love the swoop at the top. I used Shibui Knits Linen in Fjord. I altered the gauge a bit and used size 3 needles. I used the numbers for the 48″ size and ended up closer to the 38″ size with my 26 sts over 4″ gauge. I was initially hoping to be able to wear this without an undershirt, but I doubt that will be possible regardless. I think the gauge ended up being better for this delicate chain-plied yarn. It seems like it could easily snag, so maybe a tighter gauge will keep it safer.

linum-3This was an enjoyable piece to knit. I think one of the reasons I may have put it down is that it was a knit that I would have to look at often to work on because I sometimes snagged the chain ply as I knit it. linum-4I added waist shaping. I decreased with mirrored ssk (left leaning) and k2tog (right leaning) decreases every other round. The pattern did not include waist shaping, but I thought it might be nice in such a flowy top. I only did them on the back. linum-2I did try this on and it fit over my preggo belly, but I thought dressmaker dummy pictures would be easier to get quickly. It gives me hope that I’ll be able to wear this post-pregnancy fairly quickly, and I can easily wear it over the soon-to-be-endless nursing tanks.

I was able to take these pictures mostly sitting down or moving little. I’m on bed rest till next Friday, rather than next Tuesday or Wednesday like I thought. I can do it. I can do it. I must keep telling myself that while trying not to focus on the beautiful weather or flowering spring trees I’m missing outside. Now I must go finish another warmer weather knit, a Vitamin D I started last September.