Slow going mojo

It’s been a slow week in knitting for me. I got a new phone and there’s a bit of a learning curve since I’m switching from iPhone to an Android–iPhone 4 to Nexus 4. I love it, but I realize it’s been occupying my hands during a lot of the time knitting usually does in the evenings.

So, there is not much to report. My Goodale is progressing. I’m now about 5 inches below the armpits. I’ve got some socks that are moving at a glacial pace. I’m rotating between three different WIPs, so they’re all just meandering along. I’ve also been working on this:


It’s a 24 month size of the Ruffaluffagus. It is a surprise for a birthday coming soon. I’m using some Dream in Color Starry in Flamingo Pie. Isn’t that a crazy awesome color name? I wanted to see what Ruffaluffagus looked like in a multi-color yarn, and I’d also love to have a more exact idea of the yardage for another size. I love it when people put the exact amounts of the yarn they used on projects, so I know if my stash yarn might work out, even when it’s a little less than recommended.

Seymour seal of approval

Seymour seal of approval

For Ruffaluffagus, the 3, 6, and 12 month sizes all use one ball of the sample yarn, but the larger sizes would need at least 2 if you’re using Luna Grey Fiber Arts Astro. If I put up the exact yardage for the 24 month size, it will make it easier to choose from your stash if you have fingering weight skeins with more generous yardage.

Starry has 450 yards. For the 12 month size I ended up using 326.8 of the 380 yards in the ball of Astro. I’m pretty confident that I will easily make the 24 month size out of one skein. I suggested on Ravelry that if you have almost enough yarn, but are worried about running out, doing an alternate color on the inside of the hem and on the ruffles might be really cute.

Now, I’d like to make these fingers fly a little faster so I can make some progress. Happy knitting!

A little slice of orange

I’m so excited to be at the top of the “hot right now” patterns on Ravelry! I really really can’t wait so see projects when people get them going. Thanks for all the lovely comments about the pattern.

ravI’ve also been working on my Goodale on and off. I started it one day before I got the yarn and cast on for Ruffaluffagus, and then I got so excited by the baby tunic and writing up the pattern as quickly as possible, so I set Miss Goodale aside for a bit.


The pattern is a breeze. It’s a top-down raglan. As long as I check myself every now and then to make sure I’m increasing as I should, it’s no problem.

It also has a pretty little i-cord edging. I think it makes it look polished and lovely.goodale

I’m really enjoying the Frogtree Pediboo. It’s the first time I’ve worked with this yarn. It did feel like it was taking forever to get through the increases to separate the arms, but I think it will go much faster now.

I have a couple of other things on the needles that haven’t gotten a Ravelry project page yet. I’m knitting Ruffaluffagus in a 2 yr old size. I’m also working on something for Matt that’s semi hush-hush for now. I also desperately want to cast on a giant shawl to take to work with me. I have Litchfield in my queue and some alpaca blend yarns earmarked for it in my stash. My office is so cold sometimes! I’m talking 60 degrees¬†Fahrenheit. That’s too much air conditioning for me.

Fancy Schmancey Delancey

delanceyI love this sweater. I’m not sure I picked up stitches at the shoulders for the sleeves in the neatest way possible, but otherwise, we’re in love. She is comfy (thank you, Sublime Baby Cashmerino Silk) and warm. I love the colors. Nearly white yarn might prove to be a mistake with a baby, but I’ll wear it judiciously.


I almost wish the collar had a few more short rows so it was wider and I could make it lay flatter. I might try to steam that into submission at some point. I love the fit. I went down two needle sizes to have a smaller gauge because I wanted to eliminate some of the length and I read over and over on Ravelry how much this sweater grows.

We shot these pictures twice. Matt is pretty squirrelly behind the camera. He makes me laugh, but we ended up with a bunch of weird looking shots the first time. And I made this face before I even knew my fly was open the whole first shoot…


That could also just be stress. Back to the comprehensive exams!

There are a few more details here.

Rocky Coasts!

Rocky Coast Cardigan-4

Hey Hey! We’re feeling better and got some shots of my Rocky Coast Cardigan and Zooey’s Tiny Rocky Coast. I didn’t make the colors match, but that would have been the ultimate feat. My LYS didn’t have enough Jitterbug for my size in the same color.

Rocky Coast Cardigan-9

Matt took some great pictures for us on this perfectly half-overcast day.

Rocky Coast Cardigan

This yarn is Blue Moon Fiber Arts Socks That Rock Mediumweight in Ochroid. You can find the most details about this project on my Ravelry page about it. I made the sweater with fingering weight (though it’s more like a sport weight) instead of the worsted yarn called for in the pattern.

Rocky Coast Cardigan-6

I love all of these pics, so this is just going to be a pic heavy post, y’all.

Rocky Coast Cardigan-3

I love that we have matching sweaters now.