From the fella’s knitting queue

A couple of weeks ago when I said I didn’t know what to knit Matt immediately had some suggestions for me. Socks, sweater, or the navy arm warmers he’s been wanting. Of course he would have a list. The man has an insatiable appetite for hand knits. arm warmersThe yarn is something unpronounceable to me that I won in a holiday swap a few years back. While not really navy, it’s the closest I had in my stash. I don’t know if I’ve stated this publicly, but I might try to knit the whole summer from my stash. This would be a pretty big feat for me. I might have to allow an exception for a birthday yarn purchase mid-July, but this is my goal. I won’t go into the politics of maternity leave in the United States, but for most people it’s completely unpaid (I’m in this category) and it is requiring some definite budget discipline for us. Luckily I’ve spent years stashing like yarn was going out of style and I have a nice under-the-bed stashed yarn cave to choose from. arm warmers-4I am thinking of writing up this pattern when I get the time. I just did some hand charts on graph paper and went with it. I had to rip it a couple of times because I didn’t like the size first, then the way the chevron looked, but I’m satisfied with the finished result and it barely about 190 yards of fingering weight yarn. arm warmers-2Now to think of a name…It’s so hard to name things.

TTTKAL progress coming soon!

My singular Christmas knit

Happy New Years! I hope everyone has a festive (and safe) evening tonight. IMG_20131224_133611My sole Christmas knit was a pair of Wending arm warmers. It was a pretty stress-free Christmas. My family draws names for gift giving, so I only have three people to plan for gift-wise: Matt, Zooey, and the person I draw in my family. This year I got my brother’s girlfriend, and I was delighted because I thought she might like these.

She did! I forgot to take my camera to my parent’s house, so I just have this little phone picture, but that’s ok. Matt and I decided we would exchange Christmas presents at the end of January, since our anniversary is December 12th. I’m considering knitting him a sweater out of Eco+, since that stuff FLIES off the needles. Antrorse took me 9 days. Granted, this was over a holiday period that allowed for extra knitting time, but still… I ordered him some Ecological Wool in Antique. It’s backordered from Webs, so I guess I’ll see when it gets here. I’m planning  to design a pullover for him. Maybe I’ll just end up doing it sooner than I anticipated.

I blocked Antrorse yesterday. I’ve never worn a sweater out of aran weight yarn. Pre-blocking, I’m not sure the waist and hip shaping I added did anything to flatter me, but maybe it will be a different story post blocking. I’m waiting on some buttons that I ordered from Wood Buttons. I’m hoping they arrive today! It’s going to be a super cozy sweater. More on that baby soon.

Some light Christmas knitting

My Christmas knitting is very light this year, just how I like it. I’m only making a Latte Baby Coat for Z and a pair of Wending wristers for a party that shall not be named yet. The Latte Baby Coat is out of Cascade Eco+ in Lichen: latte babyThe color reminds me of copper as it oxidizes. It’s a little bit grownup for a toddler, but  like it anyway. It’s going insanely fast, as expected for a bulky baby coat. I’m making the 2T-3T size because I want her to potentially wear it next year too.

Here is one Wending wrister: wendingAll that remains is some thumb ribbing on this one. The yarn is some Araucania Ranco (light green) and Colinette Jitterbug in Velvet Olive. I’ve missed doing Fair Isle. These are what I’ve been working on in the last couple of days. I like very low stress Christmas knitting. Now I should really put some work into dissertation revisions! EEEEK!

I’ll show you the gorgeous anniversary swag soon…


This has been an intense semester so far. My workload in my PhD program has nearly doubled from last semester. In addition to this, I am 13 weeks pregnant. Thus, the blog upkeep and project posting has been put on the back burner.

These fingerless gloves are a little project I knitted up about a month ago. I had most of the pattern written and finally got around to getting all of the pictures in the pattern the way I wanted. They are called Wending because the zig zag pattern makes me think of going back and forth on many paths, perhaps with a sprinkling of indecision involved.

They are an easy first Fair Isle adventure. The pattern becomes intuitive after a few repeats. Fair Isle projects always seem to fly by for me, perhaps because I’m so eager to watch the repeats grow.

If you’re interested in purchasing this pattern, you can find it on Ravelry. There is more information on this page, or you can buy it directly here:

Speed knitting, indeed.

These are the wrist warmers from Speed Knitting that I’ve been working on. They are so quick to knit up. I started them at knit club and goofed off for most of the night and I just finished them. I’d say they take about 2 1/2 hours to complete at the most.

I made these for a girl in my counseling class. I don’t actually even know her first name, but she liked some arm warmers that I designed myself, but I wanted to knit some that would go very quickly so my procrastination wouldn’t hurt me too much. I’m not good with knitting deadlines and knitting “have tos.” They hug the wrist very nicely in a comfortable and warm way. I highly recommend them. They would be a very quick Xmas gift. I plan on making 3 more pairs for gifts.