Crazy pants

I really meant to keep working on my Breezy Cardigan. I had good intentions. Then I remembered I’d be going to St. Louis and would see a good college friend who is also pregnant and due just a few days after me. I decided I must knit her something immediately. Tired of baby sweaters and socks, I decided to try out some pants. I perused Ravelry and settled on Ze Tiny Pants. The pattern is written for a newborn-3 month size. It’s pretty easy to adapt and I followed Catrinea’s example and knit them top down.

One pair is a DK weight. I started with 84 stitches and did 1×1 ribbing. The pattern calls for garter stitch, but I thought ribbing would be faster and just as attractive. After 2.75″ of ribbing I increased to 114 (sorry, didn’t take great notes), then knit about 1.25 inches before doing mirrored increases every 6 rounds in the center front for 3 times. After the third set of increases I did some short rows in the back to give a little butt curve for diapers. Then I divided the leg and decreased every few rounds till there were 46 sts per leg and then did 2″ of ribbing. This ended up being close to a 6 month size, rather than a newborn size, which will work out better for this baby. The yarn for this is Happy Feet DK in Lemon-Lime Sherbet. This used about 3/4 of a skein.

pants-2For the fingering weight version I took even fewer notes, but I know I started with 94 and increased to 126 after the ribbing. On these legs I did more rapid decreases, every other row on the inside of the leg (2 sts per leg) because I felt I would not have enough yarn otherwise. These are also in the 6 month size range. This yarn is some Koigu KPPPM (no idea of color number) and some Shibui Sock in Teal. I used a full skein of the Koigu and about 2/3 of a skein of the Shibui. pantsI am woefully behind on taking pictures of Marin, but it will happen soon. We traveled most of the week and even though I was wearing Marin often, it somehow didn’t occur to me to get photos of it. Oh well!


Another little sister

I made a Little Sister’s Dress for an upcoming little sister. A friend of mine is having a baby girl, due about 3 weeks before mine, and she had a baby shower last weekend. I whipped up this dress in the 6 month size over the past couple of weeks to give to her. The yarn is Laine Du Nord Baby Milk in Light Pink and Dove Gray. I got this yarn at Webs awhile back and I think it might be discontinued or no longer carried by them now. It’s a shame because it is SOFT. It’s merino, cashmere, and milk protein for the fiber content. These colors were remnants from the yarn I used for Cocktail(Dress) and I was waiting for just the right baby garment. Little SisterThis is the third time I’ve made this baby dress, and I’m sure it won’t be the last. My only mod was to make the top and bottom different colors.

I have been working on several other projects, but have been lax in blogging since I was at a conference a good chunk of last week. I will have some finished adult socks and matching kiddo socks to display soon, as well as some slow progress on a Breezy Cardigan very soon.

I CAN’T BELIEVE IT’S MARCH! Where is this year going? My baby is due in less than 9 weeks at this point and I’m sort of freaking out. The nesting is starting to kick in and yesterday the sad state of my yarn stash was getting to me. It really needs a good reorganization (and probably some destashing, ahem), but I at least made sure it could all fit inside bins and drawers or the current UFO area for now. Closet organization and deep cleaning comes first. Oy.

In other knitterly news, if you’re interested in contributing to some research about knitting communities, check out this survey. The researcher is looking at ways that we are involved with knitting and crafting communities. I love to help out other researchers, so go on and check it out if you have a moment.

Secret baby knit unveiled

pinwheel-2I love making Pinwheel Blankets for babies. It’s a ton of stockinette in the round, so it requires very little thinking, and I like the idea of round blankets.  I used the Happy Feet DK yarn I recently acquired in the colorway lemon-lime sherbet.

pinwheelSince I messed up the first time, somehow only making 6 of the 10 pie wedges and not noticing until I was 2.5 out of the 3 balls into the project, this was not finished before the baby was born.  I finished it on day 2 of his life, so I got pretty close.  I’m happy with the result and happy to get to work on some other things.

Poor, bedraggled knit

Remember the Peachick Eyes Cardigan?  It wasn’t seeing much love with my obsessive knitting on Cocktail(Dress).  Well, sometimes I like to knit while I walk to work in the morning when the weather is nice.  I can do this with stockinette projects that are mostly auto-pilot knitting, because I don’t have to look at them while knitting.  The Peachick was going to be my walk-and-knit project since the dress was getting too large for this.  When I walk and knit, it makes me walk a little more slowly, but it’s a lovely time to walk at a leisurely pace with all of the gorgeous flowering trees on my walk to work.

Monday I planned on walking and knitting, but I ended up having less time to walk than I planned, so I wasn’t able to do both.  Monday went by with me taking no breaks and it wasn’t until the end of the day when I was packing up my bag that I noticed my knitting was missing.  I was flabbergasted.  I realized with a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach that the cardigan must have fallen out of my bag somewhere on the way to work.  M was giving me a ride home and we re-traced most of my walking route.peachick beating

Luckily, I found the project near the park I walk through on the way, on the sidewalk.  Matt spotted it just when I was about to give up.  It looks like it might have been trampled on a bit, but I think it will be fine with a wash and some defuzzing.  In a way, it was also fortunate that I didn’t realize the project was gone until the very end of the day, because I only had to mourn its potential loss for about 20 minutes.  This is a good lesson for me to zip my overstuffed bag, or just carry a bigger bag.  I’m just grateful it was recovered.

Spring peachick

I fell in love with a little cardigan after seeing a beautiful example on my Instagram feed.  It’s called the Peachick Eyes Cardigan.  I decided I must embrace some startitis and cast it on for Z immediately.  Luckily, I have plenty of sock yarn on hand, and this was done with only a moment’s consideration.  peachick-2I’m using leftover Colinette Jitterbug in Elephant’s Daydream.  I have two partial balls, totally about 126 grams.  I think that should be plenty for the 2 yr old size, and if it isn’t, I can always add an accent color for the bottom or button band and armbands.  It makes me a little sentimental to use this yarn, because I made Z’s first cardigan out of it.  peachickSo far this is a fun and fast knit.  I think she will be able to wear it some this spring, and layered with a long-sleeved t-shirt next fall and winter.  I didn’t swatch (shhhhh…), but just grabbed the size 3 needles and got to work.  If it ends up slightly too big because I’m a loose knitter, all the better!  That just makes for a longer wear time.  There’s also a matching adult version.  That might have to happen at some point to satisfy my unquenchable desire for matching mother/daughter knits.

Yarn bowls make yarn twice as delicious

I loved my first yarn bowl. I sang it’s praises to other knitters, I featured it in many blog pictures, and I used it all the time. Well, sadly, it got bumped off of the coffee table a couple of months back and met its end. It was made by a local artist, and I found her on Facebook, but she never replied to my message about purchasing more of her work, so I decided it was time to move on.

Meet my second yarn bowl.

little sister's dress-3

It’s from an Etsy shop called Center Ceramics. I just want to clarify up front that no one is compensating me to say these things. I looked at every yarn bowl on Etsy a couple of weeks ago, and this one seemed the most perfect to me. I wanted something simple, well-made, in a color I love, that would complement my living room. This fit the bill. It has beautiful, even edges, a nice catch for the yarn, and the glaze is smooth to allow the yarn to spin freely.

little sister's dress-2

I wish it was a little larger, but it did hold both a freshly would full skein of Cascade 220 and the fully wound skein of Knitosophy sock yarn (450 yards). It looked like it would be snug, but the ball still moved well in the bowl. I know this isn’t going to hold a skein of bulky or super bulky yarn when wound, but I knit with those yarns rarely, and my old bowl wouldn’t have held those either. It looks like the shop owner takes custom requests, so maybe she would be willing to make larger bowls.

little sister's dress

Right now it’s holding a Little Sister’s Dress in progress. I didn’t waste any time casting on the Knitosophy, because I bought it with a specific project in mind. I’ll give you more details about the recipient when her mother knows about it.

I’m still working on the Little Fox, though halfway through the hood I decided I wanted to work on Beatnik again and I haven’t touched it. Its deadline isn’t until the end of the month, so I’m not worried.

Back to the needles.

The wonderful world of baby knits.

I feel like I’ve really lost the sock mojo I had last summer and a lot of the fall, but it’s mostly been replaced with the desire to knit endless baby garments.

I’m inspired to knit this Sproutlette Dress:


Picture by tanisfiberarts on Ravelry.

thanks to Angela’s cute example. I don’t have the yardage in a single skein of sock yarn for that, so it would require some kind of purchase.

I could knit these adorable overalls for Z using some yarn I already have in my stash.

on the go-veralls by Accordionmama

Picture by Accordionmama on Ravelry

I’m also in love with a little cardigan called Ice Cream Sundae. It’s only available as a kit right now, but the pattern will be available in August. It’s gorgeous. I probably have enough yarn in my stash, so I’m holding out for the pattern by itself for now.

Picture by Lionnessknits on Ravelry.

Picture by Lionnessknits on Ravelry.

Any stinkin’ adorable baby knits you’ve noticed lately?

If you feel like making a little baby tunic, my Ruffaluffagus pattern, as well as all my others, are on sale (32% off) till the 14th for my birthday. Use the code Happy32 to get your discount.