Kiddo knits for a quick fix

Last year I lauded the merits of baby knits in fingering weight yarn. This year I have discovered that worsted weight sweaters are even insanely faster. Seriously. I’m sure I will still knit plenty of sweaters in fingering weight, because there are a gazillion cute options in the world, but I’m loving the quick gratification of worsted weight sweaters.

I started an Abate pullover for Zooey. I remembered this Classic Elite Renaissance Heather was still in my stash. I planned to swap it at a stash swap at my LYS last month, but no one was interested. Perfect for Abate. The heathered element of the yarn gives the simple pullover a little more oomph.


I allowed myself to skip the swatch, since I’d just gotten this gauge in worsted weight on another swatch, so I cast on. I was through the raglan increases in a matter of hours. I’m on a size 7 needle to get the 18 sts over 4 inches called for in the pattern. I think this designer must be as tight a knitter as I am a loose knitter, because the pattern calls for a size 10 to get this gauge. That just shows you how different our individual tensions can all be.

Having many WIPs going gives me a thrill. I picked up my yarn for Blank Canvas yesterday from my LYS. I’m tempted to cast on, but I think I’ll wait a bit till something is off the needles, or closer to being off. I will finish up Little Fox this week, I swear.

Pattern release and a back to school sale!

firefly seeker-2I just released a new pattern on Ravelry. You guys already had a sneak peak, but now it’s officially out. I named it Firefly Seeker because one of my favorite markers of summer is catching a firefly, making a wish, and releasing it. I can’t wait to share that with Z someday.

firefly seeker-3The pattern uses Euroflax Sportweight in Aqua and Golden rod. The sizes 12 months and smaller would take less than one skein of Euroflax if you made it in one color. Larger sizes would take two. I think the pattern would work well in other fibers as well, and the piece can transition from dress to tunic to top as Z grows, since it includes about 2″ of positive ease.

From today until August 26th several of my patterns will be available 50% off for a back-to-school sale! Just use the code BACK2SCHOOL at the checkout. The patterns that are on sale include Tuxedo, Prufrock, Betwixt, Wending, Ruffaluffagus, The Unexpected Hat, and Firefly Seeker.

If you love Firefly Seeker, the pattern is available here:

Beatnik boo boo

beatnikCan you see my mistake? I posted this on Instagram (I’m knitten) and it wasn’t immediately obvious to some, but I’ve been staring these cables down for about 10 inches, so it glared at me. The top cable isn’t crossed. Oy. I frogged an entire repeat and began it again.

beatnik-2And it’s back. Plus a little bit. This is my project when my brain can handle it. Last week and the beginning of this one are ALL ABOUT DISSERTATION PROPOSAL. That’s really me just shouting at myself as a reminder. I’d prefer to keep knitting, of course.

I’ve finished the back increases and I’m just hanging in until I hit 16 inches for the arm hole bind offs. I decided to make the sweater 1/2 inch longer than specified for my size (36″). I’m able to do most of the cables without a cable needle. Row 7 of the chart is the only one I sometimes pull out a large stitch marker and use as a cable needle, but I can get away without it if necessary. That makes this more portable, even though 99% of it has been worked from the comfort of my couch or bed.

Also, I finished a pair of socks! Matt’s birthday socks are bound off. I don’t have sock blockers in his size, and they don’t really need it, so I’m going to release them to him (aka the wild) as soon as I get some pics for the blog.

Did you want to see a baby eating cake? Our birthday party was rained out, and postponed, but we let her try out some homemade cake anyway. I made the Nutella Yogurt cake from Radically Simple, and I made a strawberry buttercream icing. I’ll replicate it for the party again next weekend.



One year

1 todayZ is one year old today. Technically, last year she was still inside of me at this point, and for about another 9 hours, but here we are. I can’t believe time has passed so quickly. She brings so much joy and love and fun and happiness into our daily lives. I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity to be her mother.


Sneak peek

I finished a little baby dress for Z. It’s made out of Euroflax sport. I had leftovers from Kit and Liesl, so I made a dress that complimented the styling of Kit, without being too matchy matchy.


It needs a name. I will be writing up the pattern very soon. It was a lovely distraction from the dissertation proposal work I was supposed to be doing. The colors remind me of Smurfette, but I’m sure if I called it that I would probably be breaking some copyright.


Matt will take pics of both of us in our linen wears very soon!

Where do those weekends go?

I really meant to have a finished pic of Kit up today, but somehow the weekend disappeared too quickly and that didn’t happen. I’ve worn it twice since blocking it last week. It’s comfortable and I love it. It seems like it will wear well with jeans, shorts, and skirts, so I anticipate wearing it a lot for the rest of the summer.

Time is flying! Z’s birthday party is in a couple of weeks and I’m totally flummoxed by party prepping. I will not look at Pinterest. I will not look at Pinterest. I will not look at Pinterest. It’s just a first birthday. Phew. Ok. I had to write that down. I have to periodically give myself these kinds of affirmations.

How about some knitting? Well, I had some leftover Euroflax in a couple of colors, so I’m whipping up a little linen dress for Z. The birthday girl needs a new dress, of course, and linen is something she might actually be able to wear before fall.

bday dress

I will probably write the pattern up when I’m done. I loved the half-linen stitch on Kit, so I’m incorporating a little of that on the edges of this dress. Knitting this dress (or knitting in general) are the most calming parts of my day.

Right now my dissertation proposal is screaming at me again, so I’d better go pretend that I love it as much as knitting for a reasonable stretch of time.

10 months!

This post is a few days late. We were out of town visiting my parents, and since I drag along at least 2 extra kid-related bags and accessories, I didn’t take my computer to finish this. Her official 10 month birthday was May 31st, which is also the same day as my parent’s 33rd anniversary.

These are some of my favorite shots from this month. The following pics are all from my phone, so the quality isn’t as good as I’d like, but life happens when it happens. There isn’t always time to pull out the big camera.


It feels like it flew by in a second. Zooey is 10 months old. I’m more and more amazed by her every day. Lately she’s learning to wave, which melts my heart. She waves at a lot of inanimate objects, like trees, when we’re walking, but she’s also catching on that you wave at people and she does it occasionally.



She’s getting her top two front teeth, but she’s very reluctant to let me look at them. She’s happiest when we help her walk around the room. She can crawl up the stairs on the porch (with us keeping our hands near her at all times).



I’m sad that her super chubby baby cheeks are going away. She’s looking more like a kiddo and less like a baby every day, but at the same time, it’s really exciting when she learns to do more things and beams with pride.


She seems to be a thoughtful little human that we adore down to the last bit. I’m immensely grateful to have this little person in my life.