Parade of old FOs

Lazy blogger that I am I have neglected to show these as finished objects, only in process. I’m totally absorbed in The Lost Room right now and I don’t feel like coming up for air. It’s crazy. I greatly admire the imaginative mind behind it. Right now I’m working on the adorable Give a Hoot mittens in Mission Falls 1824 Wool for a gift exchange coming up next weekend. I’m hoping people fight for them. I’m very grateful to Kelbourne Woolens and Kate from Zeitgeist Yarns for providing the pattern. So begins the parade:

Here is one of my second pair of Endpaper Mitts:


I swear they’re both done. I just felt bad for making Drew take a million pics until I was satisfied, so I photographed this one myself. I can’t remember the yarns exactly. I’ll try to post more accurately on my ravelry page soon.

This is the finished Clapotis. Still unblocked. Yes, I’m a bad girl. The color is a little more green than this photo. It’s Malabrigo worsted in Water Green. Soft as butter and oh so warm. It’s a bit fuzzy now, but I don’t mind.


I added 2-3 repeats to the length, but otherwise followed the pattern fairly precisely.

Last but not least, the Mustard Hat from Rebecca 32 in a very un-mustard color. This is Manos in a Stone color. I can’t remember the exact name, but it’s a delightful grey green with a bit of reddish hue now and then.


It’s also getting a bit fuzzy, but it’s nice and cozy. It’s done in Fisherman’s Rib and was a bit weird at first, but this is the fourth Mustard Hat I’ve made, so there must be something I like about it.

I probably won’t be posting for awhile because I’ve got end of the semester projects and a final to study for. Wish me luck! I’m sure I’ll still be reading blogs and commenting. I can’t seem to take a break from that. It’s my go-to procrastination move.

Endpaper mitts, the terrible twos

I’m definitely dragging a bit on the second version of this pattern. I ended up giving the first pair to my brother’s girlfriend because they fit her better than me and she really liked them. They just moved back to Minnesota, so I know they’ll be put to good use. The colors in this version are really growing on me. I wasn’t a huge fan at first. I have eighteen rows until the ribbing! But who’s counting?

This weekend in Fayetteville is Bikes, Blues, and Barbeque. If you never experience it, lucky you, in my opinion. Fayetteville has been taken over by bikers. Thousands of them from Wednesday to Sunday. I have nothing against bikers, but this town is a madhouse right now. I don’t think it would be nearly so bad if I didn’t live so close to downtown with all the action (constant bike noise) and have to compete for parking because the apt manager sells spots in our lot. It’s not worth going out of the house. Knitting time.

Endpaper Mitts, revised

Endpaper Mitts, revised, originally uploaded by casystotyle.

I really wanted to get an updated pic of these on the blog, so I went out in a sprinkling rain and threw these on the bush outside my apartment door. After the input from the last entry and some pondering, I decided that the yellow must go, so I swapped it with the light brown, slightly coppery color. If I make a second pair with the yellow it will be paired with dark grey.

I’m working the garter stitch at the bottom of the February Lady. I hope I can finish it up this weekend and block it to wear next week. The air conditioning at both workplaces is always jacked up and I’ve been wishing for some wool. i can’t wait to start another sweater, but I’m making myself wrap this one up first.

If you feel like some entertainment, and like Ricky Gervais, you should check this out. My two favorite clips from this stand up are here and here, but I recommend watching the whole thing if you can stand clicking on 8 different video links. I think it’s definitely worth it. I love him in the British version of The Office. Steve Carrell is great, but Ricky Gervais is just so nasty and wrong it’s unbelievable. I love it.

My Cheatin’ Heart

My Cheatin’ Heart, originally uploaded by casystotyle.

Ah! I’m frustrated. I started these mitts loving the colors side by side, but I’m not sure if I love them in the pattern. I need opinions. Does the yellow get too lost in the pattern, or is it ok? I might switch it out for the gray shown a few entries ago. I could just rip back all the patterned section and replace the yellow with the gray. I hate to do that though. I guess this is what I get for cheating on my February lady.

I’m just about to finish the body of the February Lady. I’m trying to decide how long I want it. I usually like long sweaters, but it seems like so many of the swing jackets and sweaters are really cute when cropped.

Seymour was helping me to adjust the mitts. You can see his paw and the tip of his nose in the picture. Cats are really helpful with yarn and knitting projects most of the time.

Give me the gold!

Give me the gold!, originally uploaded by casystotyle.

These are my finished Endpaper Mitts, my Ravelympics project. I finished them early this morning. I really liked this project, so much so that I will probably do two more pairs, but maybe tweak the design slightly. I love the way they look in photographs.

I didn’t modify this pattern. I was a bit scared about the Italian tubular cast on and the kitchener cast off, but they ended up being kind of fun and I love the way they look.

These were not blocked for the photo, but are currently blocking. I’m still counting that as done. I would have finished them days ago, but I was using my size 0s on the Jaywalker socks, which are now also done as seen below.

Jaywalker socks, originally uploaded by casystotyle.

Knitting Olympics!

Here is my project. The Endpaper Mitts by Eunny Jang. Not loving my colors as much as when I picked them. I realized they match little in my wardrobe. I’m probably going to make another pair in a mustard and gray color. Or dark gray and pale pale turquoise. I went to my LYS and was in a hurry to pick out two Koigu PPMs that would go together.

I’m doing them both at once magic loop because I can’t break myself of this habit. So far so good. I just have to be gentle and pay attention so that I don’t twist the yarn. I’m not a speed demon at this anyway since it’s my first fair isle. I haven’t knit English style in awhile. I’m knitting Continental with my left hand for the MC and English for the CC with my right hand. Have to say, I don’t miss the English.

The Jaywalkers are on hold for now because I only have on size 0 needle and I needed it for this project. I might finish before the olympics are over, but I will also be in San Francisco for 7 days, so there’s no guarantee of solid knitting time like I have at home. The Jaywalkers will go with me too just in case. If anyone knows of an awesome yarn store to go to in San Francisco (or any other must see spot) please let me know. I’ve been there once, but it was a very touristy trip.