Orange Crush

This sweater makes me want a giant orange soda. Well, I don’t really drink much soda, but I make an exception for the occasional cream soda, birch beer, ginger ale, and orange soda. Homemade lavender and cardamom sodas are also exceptions to this.


But I digress. Here is my finished Goodale cardigan. I LOVE IT. Like I want to dance around and yelp and exclaim, love it. The yarn is Frogtree Pediboo in Marigold. I added length to the body (about 6.5 inches after blocking). When I worked the collar, it seemed like my picked up stitches better matched the numbers of the smallest size, rather than the 34″ bust size I was making. I just went with it. It didn’t seem important enough to try to add the extra stitches.


The buttons are held together with an i-cord that’s not sewn down on either side. I will probably anchor the i-cord on one side because I have a feeling that’s something that might get lost.


One consequence of adding some length to the body could be that the part of the flap that forms the pocket might roll more since it has a longer length to travel. I can live with this. If it gets to me, I might stitch it down a little in the middle, very lightly, but I doubt it will come to that.


Overall it was a really easy knit, without so much finishing that I put it off for ages. I did not finish this in time for our family photos last weekend, but I ended up wearing my Liesl and Damask, and Zooey wore her Little Sister’s Dress. I think they all coordinated well. It was a chilly morning. Sadly, Matt did not have any knitwear to sport for the photos. We will have to take more photos in the fall when we all have matching sweaters!

I’m a gambler

I’m blocking my Goodale cardigan, finally. It seems like I’m not able to churn out the projects as quickly, or I got distracted by a new phone and going out of town, and working on several projects at once. I added a whopping 6.5 inches to the body length (14.5 pre-ribbing) on 34″ chest size. I have a long torso, and this sweater was way too cropped for me as written. It doesn’t seem that cropped in the pattern photos, but she’s also wearing this over a dress with a higher waistline, and she probably has a shorter torso. Either way, this project is finally on the blocking board.


I did a wet block. The superwash yarn rapidly expanded and I had to squish it into place. It’s not the neatest or most exact blocking I’ve ever done, but I figure as long as I get the top and bottom sewn down neatly it will all be ok.

It’s not totally done, because I still have to knit around the collar a bit and sew things down to make the pocket become a pocket. I wanted to make it as long as I could, but not run out of yarn, of course. I think I hit a good point for that. I have 10.4 grams of yarn left, and there doesn’t seem to be much to the collar finishing, and sewing won’t use much either. The ball does look a little small and sad. I got a little anxious before I bound off the body, but I forged ahead.


Of course, I could report back in a day or two when my sweater is dry that this was a total disaster and I should have made the body shorter, but I’ll cross my fingers and hope that doesn’t happen.

Slow going mojo

It’s been a slow week in knitting for me. I got a new phone and there’s a bit of a learning curve since I’m switching from iPhone to an Android–iPhone 4 to Nexus 4. I love it, but I realize it’s been occupying my hands during a lot of the time knitting usually does in the evenings.

So, there is not much to report. My Goodale is progressing. I’m now about 5 inches below the armpits. I’ve got some socks that are moving at a glacial pace. I’m rotating between three different WIPs, so they’re all just meandering along. I’ve also been working on this:


It’s a 24 month size of the Ruffaluffagus. It is a surprise for a birthday coming soon. I’m using some Dream in Color Starry in Flamingo Pie. Isn’t that a crazy awesome color name? I wanted to see what Ruffaluffagus looked like in a multi-color yarn, and I’d also love to have a more exact idea of the yardage for another size. I love it when people put the exact amounts of the yarn they used on projects, so I know if my stash yarn might work out, even when it’s a little less than recommended.

Seymour seal of approval

Seymour seal of approval

For Ruffaluffagus, the 3, 6, and 12 month sizes all use one ball of the sample yarn, but the larger sizes would need at least 2 if you’re using Luna Grey Fiber Arts Astro. If I put up the exact yardage for the 24 month size, it will make it easier to choose from your stash if you have fingering weight skeins with more generous yardage.

Starry has 450 yards. For the 12 month size I ended up using 326.8 of the 380 yards in the ball of Astro. I’m pretty confident that I will easily make the 24 month size out of one skein. I suggested on Ravelry that if you have almost enough yarn, but are worried about running out, doing an alternate color on the inside of the hem and on the ruffles might be really cute.

Now, I’d like to make these fingers fly a little faster so I can make some progress. Happy knitting!

A little slice of orange

I’m so excited to be at the top of the “hot right now” patterns on Ravelry! I really really can’t wait so see projects when people get them going. Thanks for all the lovely comments about the pattern.

ravI’ve also been working on my Goodale on and off. I started it one day before I got the yarn and cast on for Ruffaluffagus, and then I got so excited by the baby tunic and writing up the pattern as quickly as possible, so I set Miss Goodale aside for a bit.


The pattern is a breeze. It’s a top-down raglan. As long as I check myself every now and then to make sure I’m increasing as I should, it’s no problem.

It also has a pretty little i-cord edging. I think it makes it look polished and lovely.goodale

I’m really enjoying the Frogtree Pediboo. It’s the first time I’ve worked with this yarn. It did feel like it was taking forever to get through the increases to separate the arms, but I think it will go much faster now.

I have a couple of other things on the needles that haven’t gotten a Ravelry project page yet. I’m knitting Ruffaluffagus in a 2 yr old size. I’m also working on something for Matt that’s semi hush-hush for now. I also desperately want to cast on a giant shawl to take to work with me. I have Litchfield in my queue and some alpaca blend yarns earmarked for it in my stash. My office is so cold sometimes! I’m talking 60 degrees Fahrenheit. That’s too much air conditioning for me.

When does a sweater become a sweater?

Am I a sweater yet?

Is a sweater a sweater the moment you cast it on? Pick the yarn? Or is it only a sweater when it reaches a certain amount of knitting that makes it recognizable as a sweater?

The other night I was switching from one project to another and I asked Matt to “hand me the sweater.” I meant the Goodale I started and was only about 18 rows into knitting. He looked confused. I pointed at the orange chunk of knitting. He said, “That’s not a sweater.” In my mind it was already a sweater.

Um, scratch that. I just found a mistake. It looks like I miscounted from the beginning when I placed markers for increases. I’m going to rip out what I have, so this will temporarily not be a sweater and it will temporarily return to the yarn void.

Early Mother’s Day!

This year I get one more holiday to celebrate! Since I’m officially a mother, that comes with some extra yarn, right? I want to start making a few warm-weather items, and a Goodale seems like a nice transition piece. I looked through my stash. I didn’t have anything that was just right, (the ol’ Goldilocks defense for new stash acquisitions). I usually have a pretty good idea of the yarns at my LYS, since I go there about twice a week to knit and hang. I couldn’t think of anything there that I had to have for the project, so I started browsing online and came across Frog Tree Pediboo in a Marigold color. Ohhhhh yes. It’s bamboo and merino. Perfect for spring and summer. It’s considered to be fingering weight on some sites, and sport weight on Ravelry, but I think it will work well and I should have enough to add a little extra length.

frog tree pediboo

I told Matt that I needed three skeins, picked a site where it seemed to be cheapest, and told him it would be the perfect mother’s day present. Hurrah! Yes, this might seem unromantic. I’ve already purchased his birthday presents and given them to him, even though his birthday is not until June. He told me exactly which blazers he wanted and I got them. He LOVES them and has been wearing both of them every day since he got them last week. I think we’re both satisfied with this arrangement.

Last weekend I got to knit, holding Z in my lap, while she examined a needle gauge. It didn’t last long (as baby attention spans often don’t), but it was sweet anyway.


I will let myself cast this on as soon as I do some finishing on this and this and this. They’re all blocked. They just need some seaming and weaving of ends.