Quick hat!

I whipped up this little thing last week when I realized Z’s other hats were a bit to small. I held one strand of some leftover Starry in Blue Sage with two strands of green Araucania Ranco.quick_hat_medium2My fingering weight yarn leftovers had the best colors, but I wanted to knit very quickly, thus the three strands. It is sometimes a pain to work with 3 strands, because you have to check and make sure you’re not inadvertently dropping one of the strands here or there.quick_hat-2_medium2I like that this will coordinate with both her peacoat and her future Latte Baby Coat.

I’m not entirely happy with this result. I wanted slouchy, but it looks muffin like at times. Oh well. She’ll outgrow it soon…

A slight knitting detour

Well, those sleeves were boring the heck out of me, so I decided to take a break. I was also being way too altruistic in my knitting, since all four projects I was working on were for other people. I remembered I had this lovely skein from PrettySouthern sitting in my desk drawer (that’s the ready-to-knit-at-a-moment’s-notice stash spot). I pulled it out and decided to cast on a little hat.

handspun hat

I love watching the colors change all the time. This might be the first time I’ve really knit with handspun yarn. Can that be true? Really? It seems absurd, but I’m pretty sure I’m right. It’s wonderfully soft and lofty. Even though the weather is warming up any second now, I thought I should have one more comfortable slouchy hat to get me through the transition.

Oak Trail

oak trail-5Here is the promised picture of my Oak Trail hat, atop my noggin (which is hopefully hard at work on my comps while you read this). I’m allowing myself a small break from my week of exams to post once more. Though I don’t relish working on my exams, I remembered that I get to call myself a doctoral candidate when they’re through, and that is pretty awesome. I wish the exams were half as absorbing and intuitive as writing about knitting, but some parts are definitely very engaging.

oak trail-9

Me and Z. Just a couple of knitted hat wearers.

oak trail-2

I had just enough of the skein left to make a pair of 70 Yard Mitts, a project that flew off the needles. I tried to make them a little longer than the pattern called for, because I have fairly large hands, and I was definitely going to run out, so I ripped back my extra rows and continued as the pattern specified. I’m glad to have a sweet little pair of hand warmers to match my hat. I  don’t often have matching sets of accessories. If I pair these with this Ishbel I can pretend like the whole thing was planned.

oak trail-3Both of these projects are made from Ella Rae Lace Merino Worsted (color 104), a delightfully springy and soft yarn with intense colors. I did find one knot in the skein and grumbled a bit, but I still enjoyed knitting with it very much.

oak trail-6I loved knitting both of these patterns. I can get away with reading while working on the mitts.

Aside from the exams, I’m still working on Matt’s cardigan. I’m up to the shoulder and neck decreases, so I’ll see if my math is as astute as I hope. I’ve really enjoyed knitting the cable and quickly got to a point where I could tell exactly what row I’m on without looking. I’ve only had to rip back a few rows here and there when I got to absorbed in House of Cards last week. If you’re entranced by political dramas, check it out.

Back to the grind!


Heading on the Oak Trail

I forget how immensely satisfying hats can be since they knit up so quickly. I received Botanical Knits as another Valentine’s gift from Matt. That man really spoils me, and I love it.

I knew I would have to make Oak Trail immediately.

I don’t wear a lot of fitted hats, but I definitely like the leafy cables, as you can see here and here, and this hat seems so lady-like, so I decided to try it.

The brim was rolling a bit more than I’d like. I don’t usually block hats much, but I decided to give this a wet block to tame it a bit.

I’d been eyeing the yarn for this at my LYS for quite awhile. I don’t make a lot of red knits, but the red-oranges definitely appeal to me more than blue reds. This one cried out for me to take it home. It’s Ella Rae Lace Merino Worsted in Russet (104). Ella Rae is a dream to work with for it’s bounce and softness, and it comes in a wide range of amazing colors. It’s so gorgeous in the skein.

Wouldn't you take me home?

Wouldn’t you take me home?

Also, if you’re thinking about buying Botanical Knits, it’s very well done. It has gorgeous photos, elegant and well-written patterns, and it’s the first knitting e-book I’ve seen that has links to each pattern’s Ravelry pages. I think that’s pretty impressive. It includes 13 patterns and is 18 dollars for the e-book only or 22 for the e-book and print version. I went with just the e-book because I live in a postage stamp of a house and it’s best if I don’t add to the collection. I own many knitting books that I don’t make enough out of, but I can see myself making another 6 of the patterns in this book, so it’s a definite steal in my opinion.

Hipster baby on the move!

I really like to show pictures of the items I knit being worn by the recipients, whenever possible, so here is a quick update on a little hat I whipped up a few months ago.


These lovely photographs were taken by my friend Natalie of the blog Natalie Creates. I want to live in her house and hang out with her chickens. Her life seems idyllic. Go check out her blog. It’s gorgeous.


The adorable little family in the pictures are some of our best friends, Carlos, Katy, and baby Moses. They were some of the first friends that had a baby, so we get lots of great parenting info from them and Moses is one of the cutest kiddos around. He’s one of those babies that makes you want to have a baby. They also conveniently live in our neighborhood, so we get to hang out with them a lot. We love you guys!

I have three projects on the needles and will update about them soon!

When you need to scratch an itch.

While waiting for my NaKniSweMo yarn to arrive, I had to cast on a couple of things to quell my knitting needs.

I finished the Garter Yoke Baby Cardi. It was a quick knit that I didn’t have to think about much. It’s still a bit big for Z right now, so I’ll show a modeled shot when it fits her a little better. I’m hoping it will make it into some of the colder parts of winter since she grows like a weed!

I don’t know if buttons in general are frowned upon for babies, but I made them really secure and I plan to check them often. Maybe I’ll try some velcro one of these days…

I also cast on a Vintage Pixie Cap with the leftover Jitterbug from Z’s Tiny Rocky Coast.

I weighed the yarn and I think I have plenty left. I’m nearly at the decreases, so she should be able to wear it in a couple of days. If this hat doesn’t get me through until my NaKniSweMo yarn arrives I’ll be casting on some plain stockinette socks to get me by.

6 years!

Today is the 6th anniversary of my blog! I can’t believe how much has changed in the past year or two, and I feel like a quite different person from when I started this blog. I think all of your body cells regenerate every 7 years or so, so next year at this time I will be different at the cellular level even…

Okay, enough geekiness. I’m really happy to have this format to express myself. I’m still flattered and astounded that people read my blog on a regular basis. I’m grateful for the friendships (distance or in-person) that blogging has led to in my life. All in all, it has been a wonderful experience and a fun way to share my most passionate hobby with others.

I got excited and felt like I should have a pattern release to go with this occasion, so here is a new hat.

It’s called Quotidian, which is a synonym for “daily”. I have lots of hats in my wardrobe, but nothing that was simple enough in design to go with most things I wear, light enough to wear indoors, and so easy in the knitting that it was more like a meditation.

I also love that it’s unisex, so I got to take pictures of Matt instead of the other way around for once. Now I just have to keep him from stealing it…

It’s made with Classic Elite Yarns Fresco. I love how incredibly soft this yarn is when you knit with it. It’s a snuggly little hug for your head and it only takes one ball to knit this hat, so it’s also an inexpensive project. It’s simple to make and appropriate for all knitting levels.

I’m selling it on Ravelry. You can learn more about it here or purchase it. .

As an additional celebration of the blogiversary I’m going to make all of my patterns 20 percent off for the rest of the month. Thanks for being a reader! No coupon code is necessary. The discount will automatically apply from now until midnight on the 31st.