Working the angles

graham hat-3I had some fun moving my bathroom mirrors around today to get a picture of Graham from different angles. The bathroom is the brightest and whitest room in my house, so it seemed like the perfect place for some slouchy hat selfies. graham hatI’m pretty fond of this hat already. I downsized the brim by 4 stitches for a more snug fit. I knit until the hat was 9 inches before I did decreases, and then I did them as written. graham hat-4The yarn is Manos del Uruguay Maxima in Highlighter. I love it. graham hat-5This feels like a hat I could keep on my head nonstop. It’s comfortable. It stays in place. It will be easy to locate. graham hat-2Enough said. Go make one.

Just the highlights

This is an eye popping bright highlighter yellow color in person. I don’t know if my camera can’t quite handle it, or I can’t make my editing software express it, but this picture doesn’t do it justice. grahamImagine the brightest highlighter you’ve used and then you have it. On Friday while home with a sick kiddo I decided I needed to cast on a new hat that very minute and it should be in this Manos Maxima Highlighter (2060) I had in my stash. I love this yarn. It’s not practical for everything since it’s a single ply, but it’s buttery soft. I recommend a blunter needle to accompany it for knitting.

A quick Ravelry search brought me to a hat I’d had in my favorites already, Graham. This is a free pattern, so I don’t mind sharing more specific edits. I cast on 96 sts as the pattern calls for, but that seemed too large, so I ripped and went with 92 sts and increased by 4 when I got to the broken rib texture.

So far it’s been a lovely knit and I will surely be easily spotted in a crowd.


charlotte kitty-2This post has too many pictures because I just can’t help myself. I made this hat for Zooey, really, but it fits Charlotte too, and she was such a willing model. There are only so many times you can bribe a 3 year old to do stuff to earn her Halloween candy in one week before you begin to feel like a crappy parent, but I digress.

charlotte kitty-9I stuck some kitty ears on my Magic Hat. The threat to hand off unworn items to Charlotte will now be real for Zooey, because this hat is so dang cute on Charlotte. charlotte kitty-12The hat has 8 fewer stitches than in the pattern, and I knit for 7 inches before doing decreases. Someday if I’m feeling super motivated I’ll write up the information for the ears, perhaps. This is not one of those days. charlotte kitty-10When Charlotte actually saw our outside cat and the grumpy ol’ thing meowed at her she immediately started crying. Our cat does have this ancient and curmudgeonly meow sound, so I don’t blame her. charlotte kitty-13She can’t believe she’s 7 months old in 5 more days! Crazy. charlotte kitty-23Smells like fall. charlotte kitty-24No leaves were consumed during this photo session, despite her best efforts to explore everything with her mouth.

Last minute knitting

I’ve been a little quiet on the blog because I’ve been working on a totally secret project that I can probably talk about in a few days, and Matt’s gargantuan brown sweater (which is thankfully at the sleeves). I had to rip out about 10″ of Matt’s sweater when I made him try it on and it was at least 5″ too big in the chest. Uh, whoops. Don’t get cocky about gauge swatches with garments, people. That’s for another post.

Anyway, this is a little project due on Christmas that I cast on last night. It’s a Howlcat I’m whipping up for my brother. He lives in Minnesota, so the double layered wool hat will suit him well. I have a good chunk of knitting time today and tomorrow, so I’m hoping to get it finished quickly. howlcatI’m using a leftover ball of Cascade 220 Superwash in Summer Sky and I have some Knit Picks Essential sock yarn in a brown that will make the other layer. Superwash seems safest for my baby (30 yr old) brother.

Will I finish this and Matt’s Ease before Christmas? We shall see. Perhaps if I can skip blocking…

Quick hat!

I whipped up this little thing last week when I realized Z’s other hats were a bit to small. I held one strand of some leftover Starry in Blue Sage with two strands of green Araucania Ranco.quick_hat_medium2My fingering weight yarn leftovers had the best colors, but I wanted to knit very quickly, thus the three strands. It is sometimes a pain to work with 3 strands, because you have to check and make sure you’re not inadvertently dropping one of the strands here or there.quick_hat-2_medium2I like that this will coordinate with both her peacoat and her future Latte Baby Coat.

I’m not entirely happy with this result. I wanted slouchy, but it looks muffin like at times. Oh well. She’ll outgrow it soon…

A slight knitting detour

Well, those sleeves were boring the heck out of me, so I decided to take a break. I was also being way too altruistic in my knitting, since all four projects I was working on were for other people. I remembered I had this lovely skein from PrettySouthern sitting in my desk drawer (that’s the ready-to-knit-at-a-moment’s-notice stash spot). I pulled it out and decided to cast on a little hat.

handspun hat

I love watching the colors change all the time. This might be the first time I’ve really knit with handspun yarn. Can that be true? Really? It seems absurd, but I’m pretty sure I’m right. It’s wonderfully soft and lofty. Even though the weather is warming up any second now, I thought I should have one more comfortable slouchy hat to get me through the transition.

Oak Trail

oak trail-5Here is the promised picture of my Oak Trail hat, atop my noggin (which is hopefully hard at work on my comps while you read this). I’m allowing myself a small break from my week of exams to post once more. Though I don’t relish working on my exams, I remembered that I get to call myself a doctoral candidate when they’re through, and that is pretty awesome. I wish the exams were half as absorbing and intuitive as writing about knitting, but some parts are definitely very engaging.

oak trail-9

Me and Z. Just a couple of knitted hat wearers.

oak trail-2

I had just enough of the skein left to make a pair of 70 Yard Mitts, a project that flew off the needles. I tried to make them a little longer than the pattern called for, because I have fairly large hands, and I was definitely going to run out, so I ripped back my extra rows and continued as the pattern specified. I’m glad to have a sweet little pair of hand warmers to match my hat. I  don’t often have matching sets of accessories. If I pair these with this Ishbel I can pretend like the whole thing was planned.

oak trail-3Both of these projects are made from Ella Rae Lace Merino Worsted (color 104), a delightfully springy and soft yarn with intense colors. I did find one knot in the skein and grumbled a bit, but I still enjoyed knitting with it very much.

oak trail-6I loved knitting both of these patterns. I can get away with reading while working on the mitts.

Aside from the exams, I’m still working on Matt’s cardigan. I’m up to the shoulder and neck decreases, so I’ll see if my math is as astute as I hope. I’ve really enjoyed knitting the cable and quickly got to a point where I could tell exactly what row I’m on without looking. I’ve only had to rip back a few rows here and there when I got to absorbed in House of Cards last week. If you’re entranced by political dramas, check it out.

Back to the grind!