The most delightful breeze.

breezy final-3

My Breezy Cardigan is finished! I had some definite doubts along the way. Though I should have learned my lesson about crossing my fingers and holding my breath while pretending I had enough yarn for a project…I did not. At least with this project I anticipated this at the beginning and ordered another ball from Hazel Knits. I had three, but the small size takes 1300 yards, so I needed just a bit more. I weighed my remaining ball and had 49.5 grams, so I used almost exactly 1400 yards total.

The color is Hoppy Blonde and I adore it. It also makes me want to have a delicious beer because I’m thinking about hops.

breezy final-4

It helps to have a decrepit-looking shed in your yarn for the “rustic” photos.

Hazel Knits doesn’t use dye lots, and I got the first three balls back in July for my birthday, so I knew it was a very slim chance that they would have anything from the same batch. Of course they did not. The fourth ball looked a lot more like a curry color. I decided that I wouldn’t stripe it in, since I was knitting both sleeves a time (by the time I considered striping) and juggling four strands is a pain. I ran out of the third ball on the sleeves, so the ball of a different dye lot became the final ribbing around the fronts and collar. You can really see the contrast on the blocking board here:

breezy final

I knitted. I fretted. I convinced myself it would be ok. I fretted some more. I knitted some more. The colors are quite different if you’re looking for it. I read about overdyeing. I kept knitting. And then I finished.

Matt had been assuring me the whole time that the color difference wasn’t a big deal. I took it to knit night last Thursday to chat with some knitters. They assured me it looked purposeful and stylish.

breezy final-2

Now I am in love with the sweater. It is comfortable, easy to wear, has long fronts that can wrap around Zooey to keep her warm if I wear her in the Ergo carrier, and I don’t mind the color difference at all. If it didn’t feel like it took 1000 years of knitting stockinette and ribbing, I would immediately cast another one on. I guess I’m always knitting some kind of endless stockinette project, so that’s no matter. I probably will make another one at some point though, with four balls of yarn in the same dye lot.

breezy final-5


Astute readers may notice that I’m wearing the same clothes in my Minimalist  pictures. Yep. There are only so many moments to spare while the baby naps. We took these pics two weekends ago.

I knit the 34.75″ bust size since I would be using superwash yarn, which has a tendency to groooooooooooooooooow when you block it. It did grow some, but I smooshed it into place as much as I could while blocking. I think I got an extra inch in the bust and a bit of extra length. I don’t mind having either. This piece is like a cardigan that mated with a small blanket and I think that’s fantastic.

Breezy stockinette

I guess I just don’t get tired of stockinette, or Hannah Fettig sweaters for that matter. Since binding off the Rocky Coast I cast on some stockinette socks and a Breezy Cardigan .

breezy prog

I devoured The Hobbit on my iPad while I knitted a bunch of this. It makes me sad to read quickly sometimes, at least with good fiction, because I wish I had a couple hundred more pages to go. When it comes to school reading, the faster the better usually.

Zooey approves of this project. I’m using Hazel Knits Artisan Sock in Hoppy Blonde. This is one of my new faaaaaaaaaaaaaaavorite sock yarns. So far the colors have been true to the pictures on the website (of course this can change with different monitors) and they’ve been extremely gorgeous in person. I made this shawl with the Saffron colorway, and I still have a skein of Euphorbia in my stash waiting to become something. Hazel Knits also has fantastic, friendly customer service. My only piece of advice is to order all you could possibly need for a project because they don’t have dyelots.

photo (8)

I’ve put the sleeves on a holder and started on the larger fronts, so I’m moving along at a good pace. I also finished a Noro Striped Scarf this week that was hanging around in my UFOs. I will post that as soon as I can take some dashing photos of Matt modeling it. I also have a couple of pairs of stockinette socks going, but there isn’t much to report about those yet.

We had a cold, biting day here yesterday and I had to pull out lots of knitted armor. I hope everyone has lots of wool to stay warm. If not…get your knit on!

Witty knitting

I’m starting to get some knitting groove back. I placated myself with simple stockinette socks for my brother and the Featherweight Cardigan mindlessness for a couple of days. Then, this gorgeous Saffron yarn in Artisan Sock by Hazel Knits kept bugging me. It was on the shelf in the living room whispering about how wonderful its color is, essentially taunting me. I had earmarked it for a Damask shawl. I was a little scared to undertake this because it seemed like some serious lace. Like, lace that you always have to keep your mind on or you’re left in a crying little puddle when you mess up over and over.

Well, I started it and I adore it. It’s actually more intuitive than you think. I was first intimidated by the 17 pages of pattern. This is because Kittman Figueroa gives you a chart and written out version for every pattern row. I am not a huge fan of knitting the purl-seven-together nupps, but I think they look nice. So far, I’ve only made tiny mistakes and I’ve caught them on the same or next row. Thank goodness newborns sleep so much.

I’m on row 47 or 124 for the small size, and the rows decrease as you go, so I might even call myself halfway done. I wish I’d had 40 more yards in this skein to make the medium size. I thought about trying it anyway, but it seemed like most Ravelry folks did use more than 400 yards, so it was deemed too risky.

It’s nice to know my brain is still up to this kind of performance.


My birthday weekend was fantastic. I spent the morning of my birthday having brunch at a new local creperie with a few of my favorite lady friends. These are some of the beautiful gifts they gave me.

This and the next skein are more Hazel Knits gems, this time from my friend, Missy. I want to eat these colors. The top skein is Saffron, and the green one is Euphorbia.

My friend, Susan, gave me this book and the one in the picture below. I’ve been wanting to buy this to read to Princess Mozzarella for awhile now, so I was very excited to receive it. If I can indoctorinate her with a love of knitting from the womb and beyond, all the better.

Susan also gave me beautiful bookmarks to use as well. My friend Jennifer Rae gave me the pink bracelet and some pastries, and Grace gave me the adorable little bag with a gift certificate to our LYS inside. I neglected to take a picture of them, but Karen gave me a lovely bunch of flowers from the farmer’s market that morning as well.

This final skein of yarn is from my boss at Hand Held. She asked me to pick something out that I’ve been coveting, and this is a skein of Colinette Jitterbug in Wasabi.

The day was relaxing overall, and then Matt joined me with four other couples for dinner at a local gourmet grilled cheese restaurant, Hammontrees. We had coffee at the creperie (which is across the street and I obviously can’t get enough of), then we went to a friend’s house and chatted until about 11 pm. I haven’t been up that late and out at the same time in awhile. It was a fantastic evening.

And…the fella gave me two hours of prenatal massage, with an additional half an hour of foot massage. I’m ready to use one of those massages this week. I’m holding on with the workload in this summer class and the packing, but what’s getting to me lately is waking up at 3:30 or 4:00 in the morning and not being able to go back to sleep for hours, if at all. I’m ready to invest in a more comfortable couch.

Oh, the socks I’m itching to cast on…


I feel totally spoiled, in an awesome and fantastic way. My birthday is Saturday. I’ll be 31. Obviously I drop hints like a madwoman when birthdays or Christmas come around because all I want is yarn, or yarn-related equipment most of the time. It’s working… My dear friend Kathleen made my heart go pitter-patter, totally aflutter with this amazing sock yarn from Hazel Knits in Hoppy Blonde.

She also got me a fun little piggy bank to save up for my yarn.

I’m not sure how good I’ll be at saving up for yarn, since I so often give into impulse…but it’s a cute gift, nonetheless.

There was some other random yarny goodness that came about this week. I ready Amy Herzog’s blog and she posted on her birthday on the 21st of June. I wished her a happy birthday and ended up winning some yarn from her for leaving a comment. Good birthday karma, I guess. It’s some gorgeous Fiesta La Luz 100% silk DK weight yarn. I won three skeins, which is 630 yards.

I’ve got to think of some amazing projects for all of this loveliness!