Little feet keep growing

kiddo kicks-2Last winter Z outgrew all of her hand knit socks, so I’m working on getting a few pairs ready for next winter. The pattern is my Kiddo Kicks and I’m making the 3-5 year size for her since she turns three this summer. Yikes! Where does the time go?!kiddo kicks-3
The majority of the yarn is Shibui Sock in Sand and some long ago leftover Louet Gems Pearl Fingering weight in Brown for the top of the cuff. Zooey did not want to put these on to try yet, but she did want them in her drawer, so I’ll take that as a good sign. I think about 3 more pairs (making a total of 5) would do her well for the next cold season. For Charlotte I will probably whip up some tube socks since her feet will be growing at lightning speed.

Somehow I’ve temporarily morphed into a monogamous knitter! When I finished Breezy these socks were the only thing left on my needles and when I finished them I started some arm warmers for Matt. As soon as I said I didn’t know what to knit he supplied me with several requests including a new sweater, socks, or often requested arm warmers. I can always count on him to have a list of knits that he wants. I decided arm warmers would be the most interesting right now since I could quickly design them. After a little revision I settled on something he and I both like and I’ll have them finished to show off soon.

Socks in bed

Dear readers, I am officially on bed rest until my second kiddo comes. I’m 34.5 weeks, but yesterday I started feeling some contractions and went to the doctor to get checked. I’m a few centimeters dilated so my doctor ordered me to be on bed rest until baby girl number two is a bit more well done. She’s hoping I’ll make it at least another week. When pregnant with Zooey I was this dilated at 34 weeks and she came at 35 weeks and 6 days. I’m hoping this baby stays in at least that long or longer to avoid stays in the nursery. Last time I didn’t have bed rest, so hopefully rest will keep her in there at least that long or longer.

What’s a girl to do? It’s day one and I’m already restless mostly because I know this could be awhile. I’ll pass the time with a combination of knitting and reading or knitting and Netflix bingeing I’m sure. I’m still working on the baby blanket of course, as well as Breezy. I thought I might take up these socks again.shibui socks

They’re my pattern, Kiddo Kicks, in some Shibui Sock in the color Sand. I got this back in 2007 at ImagiKnit when I traveled to San Francisco. shibui socks-2Though the yarn is gorgeous, I never could get it to work for adult socks without major pooling. Kid socks it is.

I started these when we traveled to St. Louis last week and I made myself take only small projects like baby pants and socks. I knew the projects would have to be small to be carted around in my camera case. Since I had 36 grams of this sock yarn left and I used 37 grams on the previous pair I made for Z, it seemed like a perfect fit. If you don’t already own a small scale that measures grams and you’re an avid knitter of socks or small items where each gram really counts, get one. They’re tremendously helpful.

Now Z will have at least two pairs of socks for next season.

Back to resting. Wish me luck to make it another week and a half at least!

Fast baby feet!

I pictured all kinds of cute mother/daughter poses for these matching socks, but in the end, Matt shot what he could as fast as he could, and we got a couple of somewhat clear shots. mama and baby feetZ and I are wearing our matching Prufrock socks. For hers, I used my Kiddo Kicks pattern, increased by 2 stitches (one on instep, one on sole) for the 1-3 yr size, and I left out one repeat of the wave stitch in the Prufrocks.

mama and baby feet-2I’ve only made her straight stockinette socks up to this point. I’m quite enamored with the look of her little patterned feet. I didn’t have enough yarn to make her a 3-inch cuff like I would have wanted, but I think they’ll be cute as ankle socks too.

This was part of my Ravellenic 2014 goals. I sort of flopped on my stated goals from the last paragraph of this post. I did complete the Hundertwasser socks, these Prufrocks for Z, I started new socks for Matt and got past the gusset pickups (going toe-up two-at-a-time) and I finished the knitting on the Pensacola Sweater for the film Tell Them of Us. That sweater is blocking right now, and I will do the seaming in the next couple of days. I did a lot of knitting, but I thought I would be making arm warmers for all of us, and I ended up focusing on socks. I did want to have Pensacola ready to ship by today, but it’s close enough to make me feel satisfied.  I had a little bit of a carrot on a stick to inspire me to finish, since I purchased the pattern for Wispers, but I wouldn’t allow myself to cast it on before finishing Pensacola… More about that soon.

Happy Monday! Did you all meet any Ravellenic goals?

Ephemeral socks

Socks knitted for babies and children are the most ephemeral kind of knitted socks. If they don’t lose them, they swiftly outgrow them. All of the baby sweaters and now toddler things I am knitting remind me of just how quickly Z’s babyhood is passing. She outgrows things, I make more. The outgrown garments serve as physical reminders of her changes.

I persist, perhaps foolishly, with more knitted socks for her. This will be her fifth pair for this year, but I’m making these a wee bit longer and wider than other pairs, hoping that they will fit a little next year rather than being just a little too big this year. prufrock

This is a mashup of my Kiddo Kicks and Prufrocks patterns. I am following the numbers for her size in the Kiddo Kicks (1-3 yr), but I’ve increased a single stitch on the top and bottom to make a better number for Prufrock repeats. I’m repeating the Wave stitch just twice for her size, then finishing the row as specified. These might end up being more like ankle socks since I had only 9.5 grams (40 yards) left when I took this picture. I ended up making the foot a bit longer to allow for more wear in the future.

I have to confess to a very bonehead thing I did on Monday. I pulled up my Prufrock pattern to look at the wave stitch for Z’s socks. In the adult pattern the repeating part of this stitch pattern is worked a total of three times across the foot. For Z’s size I’ll just work it twice. When I was looking at the original pattern it struck me as wrong that I only said to repeat it twice (thinking that it needs to happen a total of three times across the foot, so it should be repeated three times). I was forgetting that it’s done once, then REPEATED twice, for a total of 3 times. I guess in the moment the meaning of “repeat” (meaning it was already done once) was totally lost on me. I issued a correction for the pattern, then about an hour later realized there was nothing wrong with the original, so I issued a correction to my correction. That’s a bit embarrassing…. Ah, well. We’re all fallible human beings.

Mama Prufrocks

I finished my Prufrock socks. I plan on making a wee version for Z, so I left myself about 100 yards of the yarn, but I think these are a decent height.mama prufrock

The yarn is Gynx BFL sock in the colorway Extra Yarn, named for one of our favorite bedtime stories.  The yarn was offered by Little Skein on Etsy, and it looks like they have just a few skeins left. This color makes me very happy. mama prufrock-2

This is not the softest sock yarn, but it seems like it will be much more durable than many merino yarns. I tried something a little different on this gusset. I stopped working the instep about a cm or so sooner and started the heel flap (going toe up). I thought a nice tall gusset would make for a better fit. I’m not sure if it makes a difference for me. I think I would have preferred to have the pattern going up the leg a little sooner.

I will have to road test them for a bit to see if I notice an overall difference in the fit with a taller gusset and longer heel flap. My initial impression is that it doesn’t really make much of a difference and I’ll make my slightly shorter heel flap on the socks I’m working on now to make them go faster. An extra cm or so on a heel flap feels like it takes a long time! mama prufrock-3I can’t decide if I should make Z some that will fit this year, since there are only a few cold months left, or whether I should try to make them a little larger for next year. I’m going to mash up my Kiddo Kicks pattern and my Prufrock pattern. I’ll probably cast them on in the next week or so.mama prufrock-4

I get so tickled by mother/daughter matching knits.

I wish all my deadlines were knitting related

Still no second mitt here. My stomach is in a few tangles about my dissertation chapters I’m resubmitting tomorrow (or tonight if I hustle). I’m considering this post as a writing warm-up, so it’s allowed.

The Latte Baby Coat irked me again last night. My buttonholes seemed wonky. They’re done the row right before the bind off, and I just don’t like that, so I’m going to rib back the bind off and fix that, again. It’s a small thing, but I was irritated by it last night, so I finished up some more Kiddo Kickskiddo kicksThey make me think of Starbursts or summertime. The darker orange is leftover Dream in Color Starry in Melon Bomb (love that name), and the lighter color is Hazel Knits Artisan Sock Yarn in Saffron. I adore both of these yarns. The Hazel Knits feels like butter.

Back to the grind!


Winter is coming

Cold weather is upon us, more than I would like. Though today is in the nice mild 50 degree (Fahrenheit) range, tomorrow through the beginning of next week is predicted to be in the single digits, with a winter storm warning as well. Brrrrrrrrr! I hope we don’t actually get any dangerous icy conditions or power outages, but just in case, I’ll keep knitting as fast as I can.

_DSC0030These are the latest installment of the Operation Toddler Sock Drawer mission I’m on. The blue is leftover Anzula Squisy in Denim. It’s so very very soft. I ran out, so I used up the remainder of some Koigu KPPPM. Now Z has 3 finished pairs. My sense of urgency about her sock needs is somewhat quelled now. She does need a second hat. Her little muffin hat has gone missing. I started a new one last night out of some Manos Maxima in Highlighter. It’s highlighter yellow, so she’ll be easy to spot.

I also realized last night after I finished my fourth ball of yarn on Matt’s sweater that it’s highly likely that I’m going to run out of yarn. Boo! I weighed the back of his sweater and it was 196 grams, almost 2 full balls. I did add about an inch in length, but I thought I would still be fine since the 41.75″ size calls for 1255 yards and I had 1320, and I’m making his sweater a bit narrower than that size. I didn’t get to finish the sleeves before starting the 5th of 6 balls, so I think I will come up short. I ordered another skein last night just in case, and I really hope it’s a close match. I guess I can always stripe two balls if I must.

Cross your fingers for me that we don’t get a bad storm! Hope your day is warm and full of great knitting projects.