Pattern release and a back to school sale!

firefly seeker-2I just released a new pattern on Ravelry. You guys already had a sneak peak, but now it’s officially out. I named it Firefly Seeker because one of my favorite markers of summer is catching a firefly, making a wish, and releasing it. I can’t wait to share that with Z someday.

firefly seeker-3The pattern uses Euroflax Sportweight in Aqua and Golden rod. The sizes 12 months and smaller would take less than one skein of Euroflax if you made it in one color. Larger sizes would take two. I think the pattern would work well in other fibers as well, and the piece can transition from dress to tunic to top as Z grows, since it includes about 2″ of positive ease.

From today until August 26th several of my patterns will be available 50% off for a back-to-school sale! Just use the code BACK2SCHOOL at the checkout. The patterns that are on sale include Tuxedo, Prufrock, Betwixt, Wending, Ruffaluffagus, The Unexpected Hat, and Firefly Seeker.

If you love Firefly Seeker, the pattern is available here:

A summer top and cooler weather

Did you want to see a finished summer top? Oh, ok. Well here you go! My Kit Camisole is finished and I looooooooove it. It’s funny that the weather has been rainy and mid to low 70’s Fahrenheit lately. It’s altogether pleasant and makes me want to knit all the time.

finished kit-11I was a little worried about running out of yarn until I got to the straps and it became obvious I would be fine. I had 76 yards left of my Euroflax Sportweight in golden rod and it went straight into this baby dress. I did request more hand massages from my fella than usual while working on this top, but I am happy to report that my hand are intact and doing well after many hours with this inelastic yarn.

finished kitIn an earlier post, I reported that my gauge was a bit off and I might do extra decreases. Well, I kept measuring and I wasn’t consistently off, so I left my horizontal gauge alone, but did add more rows to make sure I had the correct length. I do find that measuring with my Addi gauge tool seems more accurate than using a tape measure. The pattern calls for a size 3 needle, but I used a 1 to get gauge since Euroflax is a little heavier than the prescribed yarn.

finished kit-10

Other than having a squirrely gauge, I knit the pattern as written. I enjoyed it very much. When switching from the linen stitch at the bottom band to just the center panel, I found that the instructions for the next row of linen st to use did not work for me. I just went with what looked right for the pattern. This happened again when I switched from center-back panel to full round of linen stitch again on the body. I ended up having to do the opposite of the suggested rounds each time. I made the 39″ size. It mostly covers my bra. Sometimes one of the straps peeks out of the back, but not enough to really bother me.

finished kit-4

I see myself wearing this as much as twice a week for the rest of the summer. Ah, linen. Now, perhaps a hemp top? I have 600 yards in my stash that are ready to be an object. And even though it’s super hot out, baby knits made with wool aren’t too hot to work with. I just saw this darling cardigan on Ravelry the other day, and it’s cute enough to make me want to try a steek!

I am working on the pattern for Z’s simple dress. We have many more adorable pictures of her, but I’m saving them for the post with the pattern release. I couldn’t resist including a couple of us together. I still have to think of a pattern name. Feel free to throw out suggestions in the comments!

Sneak peek

I finished a little baby dress for Z. It’s made out of Euroflax sport. I had leftovers from Kit and Liesl, so I made a dress that complimented the styling of Kit, without being too matchy matchy.


It needs a name. I will be writing up the pattern very soon. It was a lovely distraction from the dissertation proposal work I was supposed to be doing. The colors remind me of Smurfette, but I’m sure if I called it that I would probably be breaking some copyright.


Matt will take pics of both of us in our linen wears very soon!

Linen to love

Now that Nuvem is behind me, I can focus on my Kit Camisole. I finally got past the half-linen portion at the bottom and got to fly a little faster on the mostly stockinette portion during the holiday weekend at my parent’s house. When there are seven other adults around constantly focused on entertaining Z, it’s pretty easy to get some good knitting time.


The yarn is Euroflax Sportweight in golden rod. The stitch pattern is lovely. This is a project I wish I could be wearing right now, so that is providing some extra motivation. The linen is definitely a little slower to work with than wool yarns for me, since it’s completely inelastic, but it’s not as bad as I remembered in the past. Maybe my hands are getting stronger. They did just finish a mile of knitting in under a month. I still can’t marathon through with this project in the same way. After about 10 rounds I need something softer.


I’m not getting quite the correct gauge. I have close to the correct horizontal gauge with size 1 (2.5 mm) needles, but I’m getting more like 26 sts and 40 rows than the called for 27 sts and 36 rows in 4″. I’m spacing out the decreases just a little further to account for the difference row-wise, and I’m thinking I’ll stick a couple more decreased stitches in the mix. This is a tank with a lot of positive ease (4-8″ suggested), so I’m not quite as worried about the width, but I definitely want the length. I was unwilling to try to knit this on a US 0 (2 mm). The yarn I’m using is heavier than called for in the pattern, so some gauge oddity is to be expected.

I really hope I have enough yarn, because I have 810 yards, but my size (39″) technically calls for 840 yards. Since the 43″ size also calls for 840 yards (5 balls of Quince & Co. Sparrow at 168 yds a ball), I’m betting I’ll be fine.

Zooey is an expert at measuring gauge.

July 7-7

Anyone tried Addi’s new Sock Rockets? I always knit on US 0 (2mm) needles, but they have a 2.25 mm size that falls between US 0 and US 1. I might give that size a try for some of the thicker sock yarns like Colinette Jitterbug or Koigu. A US 1 (2.5 mm) needle just seems a little big for socks for me, but I’m a loose knitter.

Just a few days left on my birthday sale! Remember, use the code Happy32 to get 32% off any of my paid patterns.

Golden delicious

Oh, I’m in delicious golden linen yarn heaven right now. If you haven’t worked with Euroflax, it’s a lovely lovely thing and it will only get more beautiful and soft each time you wash and wear it.

euroflax-2I have a confession, though. I’m being a total copycat. I was so inspired by Angela’s impeccable taste in both pattern and color that I couldn’t help myself. She’s making a Kit Camisole. I knew I would have to make one of those as soon as I saw it. Angela is using Euroflax, which is a fantastic summer yarn. I tried to pick another color, really, I did. I have already used the aqua, brown, and willow colors for projects. I like the French blue and champagne colors, but Hand Held didn’t have enough of either of those colors. I bit the bullet and got the golden rod. Angela lives in a different country, so at least we won’t run into each other on the streets looking like twins. Actually, that might be kind of fun. Check out her blog. It’s great.

euroflaxThe skeins are actually two different dye lots, but they’re SO CLOSE that I don’t think it will be obvious in the garment at all. I’m not telling you which skein is different. The dyeing seems so consistent.

I might allow myself to swatch for the project, but while I’m at home I still want to work like crazy on my Nuvem. It’s getting too big to haul to work, but I want to keep going while I have momentum.

Happy Friday!


Long live Liesl.

This Liesl will probably live a long time because she’s made out of Euroflax Sportweight. This stuff lasts forever, and you can wash and even dry to your heart’s content. Liesl patterns have been selling like wildfire at Hand Held (my LYS). I made this one out of the Willow color of Euroflax, and it took about 2.5 balls for the 34 inch size. I took Karen’s suggestion and made the straps and back about 2 inches shorter than the pattern called for, and that was for the best since this baby likes to stretch out after a couple of wearings. She snaps right back after a trip through the washer and dryer, but I usually try to get a few wears out of layered things like this. These pictures are taken right after the piece had been washed and dried so the tunic is at its shortest here. It stretches about 1.5 inches at the bottom if you wear it a couple of times before washing. I think the pockets weigh things down.

These were also taken in the early morning and I look like I should still be asleep. This was a really fun and mindless knit. I had to go down to a 5 to get the gauge called for in the pattern, rather than the suggested 8. I am a pretty loose knitter, but that is a big difference. If you make it, swatch first if you care deeply about the fit. The decreases are fun and make a nice mitered edge, like the decreases that make Jaywalker socks so cool. I also went down 3 needle sizes rather than 2 on the pocket, and I whipstitched the outer edge of the pocket. I think that helped it have a lower profile.

The project went fairly quickly for a larger knitted object, but the linen was harder to knit with for me than super bouncy wool. I’m really glad I got this done while it’s still in the 80’s and 90’s temperature-wise in Arkansas. I’ll be able to wear it for a couple more months. Look how happy I was to finish!

Photos by Matthew Petty