Moved (mostly).

I’m hanging in there this week, but I’m pretty sure it’s going to be less stressful than last week. Matt and I had a big surprise when we went to see the doctor on Tuesday and she said I’m already 3-4 cm dilated and 70 percent effaced, so the baby could come at any time now. We were not prepared for that kind of statement, and after our heads nearly exploded we went into panic prep mode. We packed the bags for the hospital, and ran a few of the remaining baby-related errands, while taking turns melting into stress puddles. The doctor said to rest as much as possible to avoid early labor. I am doing this diligently, though I’m back at work today. I work in a library, at a quiet desk, so I think this will be ok. I also have talked to my boss about working from home if need be for some of the remaining two weeks of my contract. I’ll be 37 weeks next Monday, so I’m just hoping for full term at this point.

We also completed 98% of the move on Saturday and Sunday. My parents were a tremendous help with this. My dad and Matt moved all of the things that the movers did not, and my mom cleaned almost the entire house much better than I would have done even when not in this condition. I don’t know how we would have done it without them. While the movers were there getting the furniture, my mom and I escaped to a new local creperie for some peace. I worked on these:

The yarn is Regia, in the World Ball Color series. The colors are supposed to represent Argentina. At my LYS we had Argentina or Germany, and I opted for the blue and white. These will be a gift for my brother. I’m almost certain he doesn’t read my blog, so I think it’s safe to mention that here. He is the one with the size 13 feet. I’m still looking for precise toe to heel and toe to front of ankle bone measurements if anyone has them, cm preferred. Otherwise, I’ve seen online that the total foot length for size 13 feet is approximately 11.69 inches. Yipes!

In the limited things I could do for packing, one of them was discarding old spices from the spice shelves. I threw 2/3 of them away, gleefully. The tin above had a sticker on it from 1974. Time for that mustard to be retired, don’t you think? I kept the tin, because I think it’s kind of neat. Matt inherited that from his grandma. I would swear that most of his spices were probably almost that old, so they went straight into the bin. I’m really enjoying throwing things out and donating them lately. Catharsis!

I finished my latest Tuxedos, but I haven’t had a spare moment or proper floor space to photograph them yet. They’re coming soon…

If you’re participating in the Ravellenic Games, good luck! I couldn’t add one more thing to my plate, but if I finish those size 13 socks by the end of the Olympics I’m going to feel special anyway.

Oh, Canada

My xmas knitting has gone more smoothly than I anticipated. Don’t hate me if you’re scrambling and stressing. I’m only knitting small things for immediate family members because a).  I’m kinda selfish about knitting and b).  I don’t want it to feel like a chore.  I have just a hat left to do for my dad. The most boring of the projects. I won’t post any of those pics until I can show the fam modeling the items.

Two nights ago I got frantically feverish for sock knitting. I have three pairs of hand knit socks, the first pair accidentally made for someone with one clown foot and one normal foot, and I treasure wearing these mini feet heaters. I have enough sock yarn for at least 10 or so pairs, so I thought I should just get to it. Enter the Regia Nation yarn I’ve had sitting around for months that I got on sale last spring. I made a pair in green and white for Drew and mine are red and white:

Canada love

Canada love

I suppose the colors represent Canada, or maybe Switzerland. I’ll go with Canada because I want to visit several places there. The boring background is a shelf that I cleared off in my office. Let’s call it “industrial” and make it sound artsy.

I’m really enjoying the mindless stockinette that is self-striping sock knitting. I started doing socks toe-up as a way to avoid the kitchener stitch and use up every last scrap of yarn. I no longer have a problem with the kitchener stitch, but making socks this way has really grown on me. I do a heel flap too, and magic loop. I’m rather stubborn about it. I’m willing to do some top down patterns, but I still want to do them two-at-a-time. Hmph.

I’ve noticed, as I’m sure that every knitter has, that when someone admires your knitting and you tell them you made it, many of them inevitably want you to knit them something. I’m pretty quick about saying no upfront with most people, especially people I barely know. I always tell them I’ll be happy to teach them how to knit. I rarely stray from this, and I was wondering if others feel the same way. I like the items I make to be admired, but I hate when people ask me to make them things, especially replications. I would do this for close friends and family, maybe. I just don’t like having little say in the creative process and make knitting feel like a chore. Bleh. That’s enough rant for today.

On the fun side: I went to a xmas party chez Whitney. It was a good time. There was a gift exchange that you could either bring a gag or serious gift for 10 dollars and under. I made a pair of turquoise mittens and threw in some sour Jelly Bellys. Here was my first gift and my reaction:

Animal trap at the gift exchange

Animal trap at the gift exchange

It’s not a very flattering picture of me, but it’s funny nevertheless. It was a rusted small animal trap. Thankfully someone stole it from me and I ended up with condoms, Tough Guy cigarettes, and some Aristocrat vodka. I considered that an improvement, but maybe the trap could have been interesting as wall art…

I hope everyone is having a lovely holiday season filled with family time, warmth, excellent food, and creative gift-giving.

Socks in progress…


These are some socks I’ve been making with Regia sock yarn and the Knit Picks Two At Once, Magic Loop, Toe-Up Sock Pattern. It was everything I’ve been looking for in a sock pattern. This is my first magic loop sock pattern and I love it. I also like having them both done at once. My first pair of socks came out at different gauges because I wasn’t being careful about it. I also love the lack of laddering on socks. This pattern includes a heel flap…another big plus for me. I did a short row heel on my last pair of socks, but I doubt that they’ll hold up like a heel flap. I extended the one on these a bit for extra stability.

Here is Seymour, looking adorable and confused about the sock goodness. He’s a yarn lover for sure…his favorite, to EAT is Blue Sky Organic Bulky Cotton. I think he definitely prefers the cumin color over the sky blue. I got the cotton to make these. So far they’ve been a disaster. I made the first pair with the baby blue color, but they stretched to enormous proportions, so I ripped them out in a fury, and reknit with smaller needles and for the smaller size. Then they were too small. Bleh. So I knit them again with size 8 needles in the smaller size as a compromise. So far so good. My seaming is a bit whack, so I have to go back and fix it before I’m willing to show them.

Here is a sock on the foot of the intended recipient, Drew. This will be his second knitted gift from me. I’m considering making him some kind of old man cardigan for the fall…but I don’t want to curse the relationship. Thoughts?
Sorry for the slightly blurry photos.