Destashing sale!

Destashing sale!

I’m eliminating some things from my stash that I’ve realized I won’t get around to knitting anytime soon, or just aren’t practical for me these days. Price is listed next to all yarns as well as my best guess for shipping them. All payments will be accepted through PayPal and you can send the payments to for the PayPal email address. Shipping to the United States only. Please leave a comment and let me know you want the yarn and I’ll reply in the affirmative so you know it’s yours. Payments should be made in 24 hours or the yarn will be re-listed. When you make a PayPal payment please include a comment about which item you are purchasing along with your address for clarity. Each description includes a link to the Ravelry page about the yarn if you want to learn more or want inspiration.

Brown Sheep Burly Spun in Fuschia – $62 NOW $52!

Burly spun magentaThis is a single ply super bulky wool. It normally retails for $19.50 a skein. This is 4 skeins for a total of 528 yards. Selling for $50 plus $12 shipping for a total of $62. I thought I would make these floor cushions with this and the next yarn, but years later I haven’t done it. One skein is wound.

Brown Sheep Burly Spun in Sable –$62 NOW $52!

burly sable

This is a single ply super bulky wool. It normally retails for $19.50 a skein. This is 4 skeins for a total of 528 yards. Selling for $50 plus $12 shipping for a total of $62. One skein is wound.

Classic Elite Yarns Portland Tweed in Brown- $21 NOW $15! 

portlandThis yarn is discontinued. There are 3 balls for a total of 360 yards. It formerly retailed for about $10 a ball. Selling for $15 plus $6 shipping.

Wagtail 4 ply 100% Fine Kid Mohair in Soft Rust – $21  SOLD!

wagtailThis is nearly 2 full skeins of yarn, all wound. It normally retails for $24 a skein. I’m selling for $16 plus $5 shipping because a large portion of one skein was knit and then taken out of a project. This yarn is sport weight and a total of 820 yards.

Cascade Yarns Alpaca Lace in Green – $13 SOLD! 

cascadeThis includes 874 yards of laceweight alpaca. This yarn normally retails for about $8 a skein. Selling for $8 and $5 shipping.

Malabrigo Silky Merino in Sand and Smoke – $21 SOLD! 

malabrigo sand malabrigo smoke

I’m selling these two yarns together. This is a DK weight silk and merino blend yarn. It normally retails for about $10.99 a skein. All shown are wound. There is a full skein of the Smoke and one full skein of the Sand. Total Sand (yellow) yardage is 243 yards. Total Smoke yardage is 185 yards. Selling for $16 plus $5 shipping for a total of $25.

Fiesta La Luz in Palomino – $68 NOW $58! 


This yarn retails for about $30 a skein. It is 100% silk and gorgeous. A small amount of one skein was used for a swatch (a few yards). I unwound it and the full yardage is intact. I love this but I realized I probably won’t be making or wearing 100% silk garments with very small kiddos around right now. Selling for $60 plus $8 shipping.

Habu A-60 Shosheni Linen Paper in Taupe – $30 SOLD!


This yarn is a linen paper and retails for about $22 per 475 yards. This is 952 yards. One skein is wound and a small portion of that was knitted for a swatch. The amount is intact. Selling for $25 plus $5 shipping.

Habu Paper Silk Handbag Kit and Pattern – $30 NOW $25! 


These two yarns make this handbag. Kit includes silk yarn as well as paper linen yarn. The kit is for handbag color 115. This includes the pattern for the handbag. A small portion of the linen paper was used for a swatch, but the full amount of the yarn is intact. Cost is $24 plus $6 shipping.

Please leave a comment letting me know which yarn you would like!

A good little neighbor

Neighborly-3Zooey has a new Neighborly sweater. This was almost as instant gratification as it gets, being about a 3 day project. That’s also with me ripping out the same 10 rows twice as I debated about the contrast stripe color. If you follow me on Instagram you likely witnessed that deliberation.Neighborly-2I went with Cascade 220 Lavender and some leftover Nashua Creative Focus Worsted in Oatmeal. I believe Creative Focus Worsted is now a Rowan yarn and Nashua is no more. That demonstrates how old that leftover is. I’m thinking I got it around 2006…

Neighborly-6The striping contrast is very subtle, but I think it’s elegant that way too. Neighborly only comes as a one-size project (size 4-5yr). Last time I made it I modified it to be much smaller. This time I used the stitch count and just made the body as long as I wanted. Right now it’s more like a dress, that can morph into a tunic, and eventually the vest it’s meant to be as she grows. Neighborly-5I got the button from Wood Buttons. I’ve gone little crazy over their natural and lovely wooden buttons a couple of times. I was happy to use one on this project. I made the buttonhole two stitches smaller than the pattern called for and I picked up the button band from the opposite side suggested in the pattern because I like the tab pointing to the back rather than the front. Neighborly-7For the contrast stripes I knit 8 rounds in the main color past the increases. Then I knit contrast stripes in increasing widths each time, increasing them by 2 rows each time. After the contrast stripe was 10 rows wide I decided the top looked long enough and I did 8 rows of the main color again for some symmetry. Then I finished as specified in the pattern. Neighborly-4It’s so much easier to get pictures of Z in a knitted garment if she also has a task to do. She has been very fond of scissor practice lately. She loves to make little cuts along the edge of paper.

I love this pattern and I think it will make a nice transition piece from winter to spring.

My winter sweater and hat sale is only going on till midnight tonight! Grab a pattern for 25% off using the code ENDWINTER. You must click on the coupon code link on Ravelry before you go to PayPal to enter this code.

Let’s end winter with a sale on hats and sweaters!

There’s no surer way to end winter than to cast on some new winter items. I decided that I should put my winter hats and sweaters on sale to help move this along. They will all be 25% off until February 25th, using the code ENDWINTER as a coupon code at Ravelry checkout. You can click on the picture to be taken directly to the Ravely info page for each item. These are the items up for sale:






Little Roarer

Little Roarer





Magic Hat

Magic Hat




NaKniSweMo is coming! Sweater sale!


IMG_20141015_182333Guess who put on her sweater?! We gave her the choice between this and her Little Sister’s dress yesterday and she chose the Like Sleeves! Hurrah! IMG_20141015_182240These are less than stellar phone pics, but the kid is a blur. I did what I could. As you can see, this thing is huge and will probably fit her till she’s 5. I made the 3/4 size. IMG_20141015_182345It completely escaped my attention that she really only has two tunics and one pullover that really fit right now. I’m thinking I should make the focus of NaKniSweMo (National Knit a Sweater in a Month that happens in November) knitting her as many sweaters as I can. Of course I might try to make some kind of adult sweater during that time too, just because I’m a crazy person.

Also, in celebration of the upcoming sweater months and NaKniSweMo, for the next week (till end of day Oct. 22nd) I’m putting my sweater patterns for 20% off! That includes Articulation, Bespoken, Little Roarer, and Ruffaluffagus. Use the code NAKNISWEMO14 as a coupon code in your cart to apply the discount.

Skyping into Socktober and a sock sale

skyps-4I finished up the Simple Skyp Socks I’ve had on the needles since mid July.  About time, huh?  They took a backseat to many other projects in the last few months. skypsThe yarn is Manos del Uruguay Alegría in color A8855. I love how looks knitted.

skyps-2I did these toe up and added heel flaps. The pattern was simple (as stated in the name) and fun. It highlighted the color changes well without being overpowered by them. It’s good to have simple sock patterns that work well with highly variegated yarns in my knitting arsenal because I’m an addict for very colorful sock yarns. skyps-3This pattern and I will definitely meet again. And hey, it’s SOCKTOBER. I nearly forgot! I’m casting on some Monkeys today, and putting all of my sock patterns on sale for 25% off through next Monday! Use the coupon code SOCKTOBER to redeem the discount. Happy Socktober!

School’s out FOREVER!

At the end of this week I GRADUATE!  I finished my Ph.D. in Counselor Education and school is out for me FOREVER.  I can say that with confidence.  To celebrate, I’m going to have a little out of school sale from now until Sunday, just for the heck of it.  I realized that I don’t have a lot of summer patterns (and might have to remedy that this summer), but if there’s something you’ve been eyeing on my pattern page, you can get it for 30% off with the code SCHOOLSOUT from now until Sunday at midnight.  Enjoy!

IMG_20140506_075530I was excited to learn the Firefly Seeker top I made for Z will still fit her this year.  Hooray for positive ease in kiddo patterns!

Cocktail(Dress) is soooooo close to being done.  I have the i-cord bind off on one sleeve and the second sleeve cap to finish.  I’m laughing at myself for thinking that I was going to finish it in time to wear for the wedding I attended last Saturday.  Oh, optimism.  I do believe I can at least be finished with the knitting and blocking in time to cast on for Shannon’s Tops, Tees, and Tanks KAL that starts tomorrow.  First up is Saco Stripes.  This KAL will coincide with me taking a month off before starting a new job, so I will get in lots of knitting time!

Hello, 32nd year of life.

I’m 32 today. It’s been a great birthday so far. I got to have a date night with my lovely husband last night, and I’m about to go to brunch in a few minutes. Since brunch is my favorite kind of meal, that feels pretty spectacular.

As for my knitting…I’ve been working on Kit pretty diligently.

Kit camisole-2

I”m about an inch and a half to two inches into the front after the back bind off. You can see in the following pic that my linen stitch gets much neater when worked flat, rather than in the round.

Kit camisole-6Here’s a quick shot of the back:

Kit camisole-5I also want to show you a cute little fabric bucket I won from a Knitsofacto post. Thanks, Annie! The bucket comes from a site called Cozy Memories. I love the stitching. My beloved yarn bowl met its demise recently. I’m waiting to find the perfect one, but this little fabric bucket is pretty cute and useful in the meantime.

Kit camisole-3Today is also the last day to get 32% off my patterns by using the code Happy32. Hope you have a wonderful summer day!