Finally! A skirt post!

Ok, this baby has been done and even steam blocked for about a month now.  I have no great excuses for not photographing and blogging about it. I probably won’t get any wear out of it this season, because this is a bit of a heavier weight than I girl done-4

I used Blue Moon Fiber Arts Gaea Sport in Every Day Gray for the main color, and Marina for the contrast color.  It’s really more like a DK weight in person.  I made the smallest size to account for the gauge difference, but I wish I had reduced the number of increases, like my KAL gal pal Angela did, so the skirt would be less girl done

I think this would work well with a thin and light cardigan on top, and it probably won’t see much wear from me till early fall.  Wanting to wear my knitted item right away is usually the best motivation to get me to photograph things, because I want to capture them before any of life’s potential hazards (coffee spills, fuzz from wearing, etc.) have a chance to take hold.

Edie Sedgwick peeking.

Edie Sedgwick peeking.

The pattern is extremely easy to follow, is well-written, and produces a cute skirt.  I knit 2 inches between the pocket and the contrast color to add a bit of length.  I also made the pocket about 1.25″ deeper. I left off the daisy stitch at the pocket for a more streamlined look.  I think those were my only mods, aside from accidentally getting yarn in a heavier weight.  I think this skirt would be great in fingering weight.  Maybe I’ll make another in a lightweight yarn for the girl done-2

Round and round

My New Girl skirt is not finished, but I’m nearing the finish on it soon.  I thought I should do an update on it, so here is where I am:new girl-6

I went with the Marina colorway for the contrast color.  It just kept sticking out as the color choice that would work best with my wardrobe, and it was the clear option for use with some highlighter yellow tights I’m itching to wear with this girl-4

I’m working the daisy stitch portion of the skirt.  It’s definitely slower than stockinette, and requires me to look down at the knitting, but I think it’s a nice decorative element to the skirt and it will probably provide some structure to the lower portion.  I will be omitting the daisy stitch near the pockets because I like the sleeker look of them without adornment, like this Raveler’s example.  Angela is ahead of me on this KAL.  Last I heard,  she  was already working on making her pocket bags, but I bet she’s done by now!new girl-5

This thing still looks huge, but I’m keeping the faith that elastic will work wonders.  I hope there will still be a few days to wear this when I finish. Spring is wildly unpredictable temperature-wise where I live, so I’m guessing that I will wear it a few times.

Trusting the process

When working on two fairly big projects, sometimes it seems like progress is sloooooow, but I just keep going.  I’m at the split for the pockets on my New Girl skirt.  I’ve finished the back side, and now I’ll work the front.  new girl_-2This thing seems HUGE, which is kind of worrying me, but other Ravelers have noted that the elastic makes everything better, so I’m just going to keep going with it.  new girl_-3

Angela is a bit ahead of me on our KAL.  It’s fun to knit in tandem.  I should do it more often. new girl_ The skirt had been refreshingly relaxing knitting for the past few days as I’ve been otherwise writing like a fiend on my dissertation.  I just finished my Chapter 5 (Discussion) first draft yesterday, and all of the other chapters have had one or more revisions, so this is LOOKING LIKE A REAL THING, which is very exciting to me.  Easy knitting is a necessary stress reliever at this point.

I’ve also put some time into my BlueSand Cardigan.  I’m working on the slip stitch border at the bottom.  It’s nice and rhythmic, but if you’ve ever knitted in a slip stitch pattern you probably know that the rows grow fairly slowly.  My knitting fantasies delusions involved having both of these projects done before Sunday for a little trip, but unless I do develop four hands, as Pearl mentioned in previous post comments, I doubt I’ll be able to finish both.  Maybe one.  But which one?

You know that Whispers top?  I had been calling it “Wispers,”  but it’s now corrected on Ravelry to be spelled with the ‘h’. That’s just a side note.  That baby is washed and blocked and ready to show off.  I’ve just been waiting for a nice day to get a photo outside.  I hope to get that done in the next few days.  I’m tired of indoor self shots, but sometimes a girl’s just gotta get out the tripod.

That’s what’s happening in my knitting and otherwise.

The first inch

I started my New Girl skirt for the Knitalong with Angela today!  It doesn’t look like much yet, but it will grow steadily since it’s largely endless loops of stockinette many of us can do in our sleep.  new girlI still haven’t decided on my contrast color, but I have quite a few inches before I have to make that decision, so I have more time to think it over.  I know I’m going to be happy with either, but I’ll just keep them out in my living room to gaze at until I’m ready.  new girl-2

new girl-3

Color indecision

I’m very excited to start a New Girl Knitalong with Angela on Friday!  I received my Gaea Sport from Blue Moon Fiber Arts on my lunch break, and I’m mulling over my options.  I planned on using Everyday Grey with either Sunstone (orange) or Marina as a contrast.  I thought this would be a snap to decide when they arrived, but I’m still struggling.  Thoughts?

These are just some phone pics, since I’m too impatient to wait for nicer shots when I get home.  The first two pics are  Sunstone/Everyday Grey shown in color and with it’s black & white version for color contrast comparison.  Everyday Grey/Marina are the second two shots.




The Everyday Grey/Marina has a little bit more contrast, but I’m somewhat stumped.  The colors are a little different from what I was expecting when I ordered them online, as these things always go.  I expected the grey to have less of a blue hue to it and the Marina looked much lighter.  The Sunstone was also crazy bright, and I was expecting it to have a little more retina shock in person.  I’m a little disappointed that they came out so differently.  Thoughts?