Pink toes

baby feetWe had a couple of cold nights and I immediately wished I had made some baby socks for Charlotte, so I made some. These are some scrappy socks. I used a teeny bit of leftover Colinette Jitterbug in Whirley Fig and some Louet Gems Fingering Weight in Pewter. Working from the toe-up I cast on 12 stitches (6 per side) and increased the toes until I had 32 stitches total. Then I knit for about four inches and then did an inch of ribbing and cast off. These are plain ol’ tube socks so she can wear them through the winter as her feet grow. baby feet-4They fit well, but next time I might make them a smidge wider. I suppose she could also wear them as mittens if needed. baby feet-2Charlotte was 4 months old on the 16th and she’s a pretty happy little lady. Unless she’s looking at me like I’m a weirdo for taking her picture: baby feet-3I haven’t been as responsive to blog comments as I’d like to be and I’m sorry for that. I love reading your comments and greatly appreciate them. I’ve been back at work for 3 weeks and it’s definitely mentally taxing. In my other work life I’m a school based therapist at a school I adore. It is a wonderful job and most of the time but I often leave feeling like my brain has had a big workout all day long, so I’m not as active with responses as I’d like. I will always try my best to get at least one or two blog posts out a week because I love love love doing it. When I started this thing I really didn’t think anyone would read it, and I feel completely chuffed that people do, that I’ve made some friends from doing this, and I’ve also learned from a wonderful and vibrant community of knitters out in the world. I appreciate being part of the conversation.

Socks are good company

Sock projects will always be good company to me. Since I became obsessed with socks about 7 years ago hardly any time has passed between casting off one sock project and starting another (or having several going at once). Whether patterned or simple stockinette they are always good company due to their portability and functionality. I will always wear hand knit socks in the winter. Always. When I pared down my sock drawer I cast off those that were no longer favorites to my mom. She luckily has the same size feet. I think I’m down to about 16 pairs after ridding myself of some of them… summer socksThis yarn was gifted to me from Carina in Germany, simply because we both love Regia. Isn’t that sweet? The yarn is Regia Cotton Summer Smile in the colorway Marigold. It was a joy to knit and watch the happy oranges and pinks change. My favorite bit is the really multicolored part that reminds me of Fruity Pebbles. summer socks-2I did my usual heel flap that wraps around from the bottom of the sole to the back of the heel as I knit the socks from the toe up. When people ask me what sock pattern I’m using or what my favorite sock pattern is, I tell them I like my own! All of my socks are knit in this way, and if you’re wanting a basic one you can look at any of them and just ignore the cable or lace instructions if you want a plain sock. Some are free, some are for sale. Check them out. Experiment. I love this heel because it provides strength and cushion all about the heel.

Cast on some socks this summer and have warm feet in the fall. Favorite sock patterns? I’m always looking for more sock love.

Summer days

summer socks-2I have turned the heel on these summer socks. summer socks-3See this page for yarn details. A good portion of these has been knit while snuggling Charlotte as she naps on my chest. I go back to work in a little over a week and as much as I’ll love being back, I’m also going to miss my full days with this kiddo immensely. summer socks

Sock crazy

I’m sock crazy over here this week. My LYS just got some Regia Design Line by Arne and Carlos. I’ve been lusting after this yarn since I saw it on their Facebook page in March. The owner, Cynthia, called me on my birthday and said she had just gotten it in stock. Did I mention I now live a block away from the yarn store? Dangerous territory. Well I immediately had to get the two colors I lusted after the most. These are Summer Night arne and carlosand Fall Night. arne and carlos-2You can see what the finished sock looks like for the colors here, or take a peek at the sock so far for Summer Night: arne and carlos sock-2The bit at the very tip of the toes is my absolute favorite part so far, and it’s coming up again soon in the striping. arne and carlos sockI wanted these to match, so I unraveled one ball to match the other. I had to lose about 9 grams of one ball to do this. I wish they were a little better matched at the starting point since they came in two balls. Luckily they have such generous yardage that it won’t be an issue.

Those repeats make me want to keep going and see what’s next…

Toddler feet

kiddo charade-2Getting Z to model two pieces of knitwear in one week is definitely an anomaly. Maybe if I continually get input from her or show her ongoing projects she will be more enthusiastic about the end result. As soon as I showed her these socks she insisted on putting them on, even though it is in the mid 80’s outside. kiddo charadeThe variegated yarn is leftover Manos Alegria in Macachines. The blue is leftover Luna Grey Fiber Arts Astro in Harbor. I used my Kiddo Kicks pattern as a skeleton with the stitch pattern from Charade inserted for a pattern.  kiddo charade-3Z now has three pairs of socks in a 3-5 yr size that should fit for next winter. These have a little room at the toes for growth, but they’re not so big she can’t wear them as soon as it gets cold.

My TTTKAL Togue Pond was not finished on time, but it is done and drying after some blocking. Can’t wait to wear it!

Little feet keep growing

kiddo kicks-2Last winter Z outgrew all of her hand knit socks, so I’m working on getting a few pairs ready for next winter. The pattern is my Kiddo Kicks and I’m making the 3-5 year size for her since she turns three this summer. Yikes! Where does the time go?!kiddo kicks-3
The majority of the yarn is Shibui Sock in Sand and some long ago leftover Louet Gems Pearl Fingering weight in Brown for the top of the cuff. Zooey did not want to put these on to try yet, but she did want them in her drawer, so I’ll take that as a good sign. I think about 3 more pairs (making a total of 5) would do her well for the next cold season. For Charlotte I will probably whip up some tube socks since her feet will be growing at lightning speed.

Somehow I’ve temporarily morphed into a monogamous knitter! When I finished Breezy these socks were the only thing left on my needles and when I finished them I started some arm warmers for Matt. As soon as I said I didn’t know what to knit he supplied me with several requests including a new sweater, socks, or often requested arm warmers. I can always count on him to have a list of knits that he wants. I decided arm warmers would be the most interesting right now since I could quickly design them. After a little revision I settled on something he and I both like and I’ll have them finished to show off soon.

Bed photo shoot

fluormania-3I finished my Regia Fluormania socks a couple of days ago. Since this batch of Regia yarn has been known to have dye bleeding problems, I immediately did a citric acid dye fix recommended by The Knitmore Girls. I am still on bed rest, but it is not super strict bed rest and I am able to do small things in the house like getting snacks or water and going to the bathroom. Pouring water into a bowl and using the microwave seemed like an acceptable task…

fluormaniaFor these socks I did two cycles of the dye fix and followed up with an additional soak in some Eucalan wool wash. There was still a little color in the water after both dye fixes and soaks, but I thought surely two treatments will do the trick. If not, I guess I’ll have some color fading, but for now this is the best I can do. Maybe when I’m off bed rest before I wash these for real (likely next fall when it’s cool enough to wear them), I can do a third dye fix just to be safe.

I learned about the color bleeding in this particular Regia colorway on The Knitmore Girls podcast. I’m a huge fan of Regia for their durability and crazy fun colorways. I’ve never heard of them having bleeding issues before, but I trust input from The Knitmore Girls and I was happy to have that information before I put these in the wash. The fun part of these socks is their crazy crazy bright color, so I want to preserve that if possible. fluormania-2There was a bit of bleeding during the jelly roll portion of the dye fix. If you want to know what the heck I’m talking about, check the bold link in the first paragraph for the dye fix instructions. I had woven in the top strand of yarn, but forgot to cut the strand before I rolled the socks up in plastic wrap and microwaved them. There is a faint vertical red line on one of the socks where an uncut red strand from one of the socks was pressed against the sock. I’ll be more careful next time I try this.

The socks are fraternal twins, since I wanted to maximize the amount of yarn I could use. There are probably 8 grams leftover. It’s not enough to make kid socks or even baby socks. I suppose I could have used every last bit, but I wanted something to be finished!

I’m still working on the Pinwheel baby blanket. I got to the addition of the third ball and took a break since it was getting monotonous. I’m not worried about finishing it by the time the baby comes because it will be warm out and I won’t be wrapping that kid up in wool anytime soon. I picked up my Breezy after a small break from it. While it’s cool enough I’ll be trying to finish it up. I know I won’t wear it this season, but it will be nice to have it finished. The weather here has been glorious and it’s making me resent bed rest, but it helped me remember a couple of spring/summer projects I should finish… I have a nearly done Linum Tee that will hopefully fit sometime this summer. I also have a Vitamin D that probably only needs a good couple of days’ work to finish. I’d like to get as many of these finished as possible so when I look at my Ravelry project page I don’t have a full top row filled with ongoing projects.

Whew, this is a long post. I’m still on bed rest and I haven’t been able to socialize as much as I like so this is a good outlet for now. Thanks for all the encouragement in the comments on my last post. Some of you ladies had MUCH more intense bed rest situations and that made me feel grateful for my situation and put things in perspective. My doctor told me that if I make it to 36.5 weeks I can get out of bed and resume light activities and leave the house. I’m about 35.5 now so I only have a week to go and I’m feeling better about it all the time. I’m really hopeful that I can make it that long without having the kiddo and I feel more confident every day that she is incubating as much as she needs and is growing well. I’ll keep up the knitting, reading, and Netflix in the meantime to stay entertained. I’ve had many friends stop by to socialize and bring needed items or treats and I’m very grateful to them. Having small doses of socialization through the week has made an immense difference in my mood and outlook and I’m so happy to have both supportive local and online friends. You all rock!