Rocky Coasts!

Rocky Coast Cardigan-4

Hey Hey! We’re feeling better and got some shots of my Rocky Coast Cardigan and Zooey’s Tiny Rocky Coast. I didn’t make the colors match, but that would have been the ultimate feat. My LYS didn’t have enough Jitterbug for my size in the same color.

Rocky Coast Cardigan-9

Matt took some great pictures for us on this perfectly half-overcast day.

Rocky Coast Cardigan

This yarn is Blue Moon Fiber Arts Socks That Rock Mediumweight in Ochroid. You can find the most details about this project on my Ravelry page about it. I made the sweater with fingering weight (though it’s more like a sport weight) instead of the worsted yarn called for in the pattern.

Rocky Coast Cardigan-6

I love all of these pics, so this is just going to be a pic heavy post, y’all.

Rocky Coast Cardigan-3

I love that we have matching sweaters now.

Half the month is gone!

I’m not going to panic yet. This is five day’s work shown above. I’m about to enter my day 6 of this challenge, since I didn’t get my yarn until the 10th. I feel like I’ve been moving along fairly well, despite Z’s new short nap cycles. (We suspect teething).

Once the sleeves were separated from the body, that made the rows start to go much much faster. I think I’ll be able to make some good progress today. As mentioned before, I ended up making the largest size in the Tiny Rocky Coast, but I’m aiming for the schematics of the Rocky Coast Cardigan in the 36″ size.

If you’re a wacko like me that only wants to knit with sock weight yarn, I did one full additional increase row for the sweater, then I did additional increases on just the arms for the next 6 knit rows. I don’t want to give too much info about the pattern away, since it is for sale, but if you are working from the pattern you would be able to figure it out with that info. I wanted to make sure the arms were a bit wider and the yoke was a bit deeper, since many knitters had issue with that on the Rocky Coast. The author has included instructions for adjusting the sleeves and yoke on that pattern, so I kept that in mind when working on my Frankenstein version.

Once again, Oscar has inspected my work and I’m allowed to continue. Phew!

Pixie Pie

Cuteness overload! This is the Vintage Pixie Cap, a free pattern on Ravelry. I knit it with 38 grams of leftover sock yarn from Z’s Tiny Rocky Coast. It’s Colinette Jitterbug in Elephant’s Daydream.

At first it didn’t seem like the neck band was long enough to go under her chin with comfort, but after I added an additional inch it became clear that I didn’t need to. I might just move the button further back on the hat rather than ripping the band out a bit. I could leave the first button to use as she gets bigger.

This is the 6 month size. It comes in 3 or 6 months, but since she’s in the 75th percentile for height, weight, and head size, I figured I should size up a bit for the winter. I went down two needle sizes to get gauge. This hat could easily be made for an older child by using a heavier yarn and larger needle with the same numbers. It’s a piece of cake.

And here is Z all bundled up in her Tiny Rocky Coast, the Vintage Pixie Cap, and the Pinwheel Baby Blanket I made awhile back. Covering her in warm woolens is such a satisfying pastime.

Now, back to NaKniSweMo!

Tiny knits are the cutest ones.

Zooey’s first cardigan is finished! It’s the Tiny Rocky Coast by Hannah Fettig. I made the 6 month size and added some length to the sleeves and body, as well as some width to the collar so she could hopefully wear it for a couple of months. She’s only 3 months, but it already fits pretty well. I’m learning that baby sizes can vary widely.

I struggled to get a picture before she started to drool all over the bow and sweater. She’s a well-hydrated baby. I loved knitting this sweater. Tiny knits are satisfying since they fly by so quickly. I used Colinette Jitterbug in Elephant’s Daydream. I went down one needle size for gauge.

I can’t wait to make an adult version for myself. I chose this color for myself. It’s difficult to tell if it will coordinate with hers at all, since it’s a bit of a guess how it will look in person, but I figured I’d be wearing mine much longer than she will wear hers, so I should pick something that I’m really into. It will be my NaKniSweMo project this year. I don’t know if I will finish it in a single month since my knitting time is interrupted by baby time, but since I did this last year in sock weight yarn, I’ll cut myself some slack if I don’t finish.

I’ll have a finished Socktober pair tomorrow even if I have to stay up tonight and finish them. Luckily, I’m ready for the final inch or so of ribbing, so it should be easy to do.

Oh, right. I’m supposed to be knitting socks this month!

I know it’s Socktober and all, and I should be knitting on these since they have somewhat of a deadline. I can’t stop working on this Tiny Rocky Coast for Zooey though! It’s balmy and pretty warm here today, but the weather changes back and forth quickly here, so she could potentially wear it any day now!

I think I’m going to get super dorky and knit myself a matching Rocky Coast, buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuttttt…I really don’t like worsted weight sweaters that much. Arkansas has pretty mild winters, and I think I’d get much more wear out of something sock weight. I’m knitting the Tern socks out of Blue Moon Fiber Socks That Rock mediumweight. It’s a pretty hefty sock yarn. It’s even a bit thicker than Jitterbug or Koigu, two of the thickest ones I’ve used. My plan is to get some gorgeous color from their Shaded Solids or Watercolor Wave colorways and maybe go up a needle size and/or add a repeat to the largest size in the kid pattern. It’s a 34 3/4″ chest on the largest kid size, so that’s not too much of a stretch to get to the 36″ size I would make in the adult version. I’m already using a smaller needle to get gauge on Z’s version, so a slightly thicker yarn and the needle recommended by the pattern should do it! I think the hardest part of this venture is picking out a color.

I am also enjoying the Terns. I haven’t knit on them since I got past the heel and decided that a baby sweater was much more thrilling for the moment. It’s the 23rd. I still have a whole week at least! I’m going to aim for finishing by Sunday morning so I can have them modeled by someone with the right foot size, since these are not for me.

I did alter the heel, because I can’t stand not doing a heel flap and I hate short row heels. These look so much better stretched out, so I’m going to recommit myself and get these done for a modeled shot.

Don’t forget, if you feel like purchasing one of my patterns, they’re all on sale for the blogiversary until Halloween!