Monkeying around

monkey-4This kid is so hard to pin down for photos! She’s modeling her mini Monkey socks. I used my Kiddo Kicks pattern and combined it with Monkey. See my Ravelry project page for more project details. monkeyThese are about a half an inch too long right now. You can tell the toe has some slack. They will likely fit by next winter I’m betting. monkey-2She was happy to put the socks on, it took some major cajoling to even get these few photos. What a little monkey! monkey-3I plan on making her at least one more pair for next fall/winter. Maybe some mini Hermione’s Everyday Socks would be cute. I love using up sock leftovers for pretty little kid socks.

Coming soon: the mini Gemini sweater that won’t fit her until she’s at least 5…

Mini Monkeys

monkeyI can’t get over blending sock patterns lately to keep socks for Z interesting. These are my Kiddo Kicks blended with the ubiquitous (for a reason) Monkey by Cookie A. Monkeys have an addictive texture that makes you keep wanting to knit just one more repeat. monkey-2I’m using leftover yarn for these. The green is some Shibui sock, but I don’t remember the color name. The upcoming color is leftover Colinette Jitterbug in Ochre. I had to alter the Monkey pattern chart by ignoring stitches 1 and 16 and eliminating rows 9 and 11 to make it work for the stitch count. To do the Monkey chart I had to have 28 sts on the instep to make the chart work. These will be a little bit bigger than the last pair I made her, but I’m sure they will be fitting by mid to late winter next year. This will make pair 4 out of the 5 (at least) I want her to have for next winter. After culling my stash I found so much great fingering weight leftover yarn that I’m sure I’ll always have some kid socks going in the background.

Toddler feet

kiddo charade-2Getting Z to model two pieces of knitwear in one week is definitely an anomaly. Maybe if I continually get input from her or show her ongoing projects she will be more enthusiastic about the end result. As soon as I showed her these socks she insisted on putting them on, even though it is in the mid 80’s outside. kiddo charadeThe variegated yarn is leftover Manos Alegria in Macachines. The blue is leftover Luna Grey Fiber Arts Astro in Harbor. I used my Kiddo Kicks pattern as a skeleton with the stitch pattern from Charade inserted for a pattern.  kiddo charade-3Z now has three pairs of socks in a 3-5 yr size that should fit for next winter. These have a little room at the toes for growth, but they’re not so big she can’t wear them as soon as it gets cold.

My TTTKAL Togue Pond was not finished on time, but it is done and drying after some blocking. Can’t wait to wear it!

Ephemeral socks

Socks knitted for babies and children are the most ephemeral kind of knitted socks. If they don’t lose them, they swiftly outgrow them. All of the baby sweaters and now toddler things I am knitting remind me of just how quickly Z’s babyhood is passing. She outgrows things, I make more. The outgrown garments serve as physical reminders of her changes.

I persist, perhaps foolishly, with more knitted socks for her. This will be her fifth pair for this year, but I’m making these a wee bit longer and wider than other pairs, hoping that they will fit a little next year rather than being just a little too big this year. prufrock

This is a mashup of my Kiddo Kicks and Prufrocks patterns. I am following the numbers for her size in the Kiddo Kicks (1-3 yr), but I’ve increased a single stitch on the top and bottom to make a better number for Prufrock repeats. I’m repeating the Wave stitch just twice for her size, then finishing the row as specified. These might end up being more like ankle socks since I had only 9.5 grams (40 yards) left when I took this picture. I ended up making the foot a bit longer to allow for more wear in the future.

I have to confess to a very bonehead thing I did on Monday. I pulled up my Prufrock pattern to look at the wave stitch for Z’s socks. In the adult pattern the repeating part of this stitch pattern is worked a total of three times across the foot. For Z’s size I’ll just work it twice. When I was looking at the original pattern it struck me as wrong that I only said to repeat it twice (thinking that it needs to happen a total of three times across the foot, so it should be repeated three times). I was forgetting that it’s done once, then REPEATED twice, for a total of 3 times. I guess in the moment the meaning of “repeat” (meaning it was already done once) was totally lost on me. I issued a correction for the pattern, then about an hour later realized there was nothing wrong with the original, so I issued a correction to my correction. That’s a bit embarrassing…. Ah, well. We’re all fallible human beings.

I wish all my deadlines were knitting related

Still no second mitt here. My stomach is in a few tangles about my dissertation chapters I’m resubmitting tomorrow (or tonight if I hustle). I’m considering this post as a writing warm-up, so it’s allowed.

The Latte Baby Coat irked me again last night. My buttonholes seemed wonky. They’re done the row right before the bind off, and I just don’t like that, so I’m going to rib back the bind off and fix that, again. It’s a small thing, but I was irritated by it last night, so I finished up some more Kiddo Kickskiddo kicksThey make me think of Starbursts or summertime. The darker orange is leftover Dream in Color Starry in Melon Bomb (love that name), and the lighter color is Hazel Knits Artisan Sock Yarn in Saffron. I adore both of these yarns. The Hazel Knits feels like butter.

Back to the grind!


Winter is coming

Cold weather is upon us, more than I would like. Though today is in the nice mild 50 degree (Fahrenheit) range, tomorrow through the beginning of next week is predicted to be in the single digits, with a winter storm warning as well. Brrrrrrrrr! I hope we don’t actually get any dangerous icy conditions or power outages, but just in case, I’ll keep knitting as fast as I can.

_DSC0030These are the latest installment of the Operation Toddler Sock Drawer mission I’m on. The blue is leftover Anzula Squisy in Denim. It’s so very very soft. I ran out, so I used up the remainder of some Koigu KPPPM. Now Z has 3 finished pairs. My sense of urgency about her sock needs is somewhat quelled now. She does need a second hat. Her little muffin hat has gone missing. I started a new one last night out of some Manos Maxima in Highlighter. It’s highlighter yellow, so she’ll be easy to spot.

I also realized last night after I finished my fourth ball of yarn on Matt’s sweater that it’s highly likely that I’m going to run out of yarn. Boo! I weighed the back of his sweater and it was 196 grams, almost 2 full balls. I did add about an inch in length, but I thought I would still be fine since the 41.75″ size calls for 1255 yards and I had 1320, and I’m making his sweater a bit narrower than that size. I didn’t get to finish the sleeves before starting the 5th of 6 balls, so I think I will come up short. I ordered another skein last night just in case, and I really hope it’s a close match. I guess I can always stripe two balls if I must.

Cross your fingers for me that we don’t get a bad storm! Hope your day is warm and full of great knitting projects.

Cyber Monday!

I just realized that I can participate in Cyber Monday, because I have patterns online for sale. Ha. How about 20% off all of my patterns until 24 hours from the time of this post? Let’s do it. No coupon code necessary.

As for knitting, I’m mostly working on Hugo sleeves. They seem to be taking forever, but I’m finally getting close to the armhole shaping, so that’s something. I should have a picture soon. It’s hard to grab good pictures after work these days! The light is nearly all gone by the time I get off work, and I slacked a bit over the holiday weekend.

Instead, I will show you some new sparkly toddler socks: IMG_20131202_095018I went to see Catching Fire yesterday and I was able to finish another pair (picture soon) and start these. I cheated a little bit and got the toes started at home because I thought that might be difficult in the dark. I finished the first pair to the bind off row and left the bind off for home, then picked these up. This is some leftover Dream in Color Starry in Melon Bomb. I love this yarn. This is from when Starry was made with actual little strands of silver and it’s a gorgeous subtle sparkle.

After this pair, Z will officially have 4 pairs of socks. I still plan on some baby Prufrock socks to match the version I’m working on for me. Five pairs should do for this winter. My Operation Toddler Sock Drawer (inspired by The Knitmore Girls‘ Operation Sock Drawer) continues.