A good little neighbor

Neighborly-3Zooey has a new Neighborly sweater. This was almost as instant gratification as it gets, being about a 3 day project. That’s also with me ripping out the same 10 rows twice as I debated about the contrast stripe color. If you follow me on Instagram you likely witnessed that deliberation.Neighborly-2I went with Cascade 220 Lavender and some leftover Nashua Creative Focus Worsted in Oatmeal. I believe Creative Focus Worsted is now a Rowan yarn and Nashua is no more. That demonstrates how old that leftover is. I’m thinking I got it around 2006…

Neighborly-6The striping contrast is very subtle, but I think it’s elegant that way too. Neighborly only comes as a one-size project (size 4-5yr). Last time I made it I modified it to be much smaller. This time I used the stitch count and just made the body as long as I wanted. Right now it’s more like a dress, that can morph into a tunic, and eventually the vest it’s meant to be as she grows. Neighborly-5I got the button from Wood Buttons. I’ve gone little crazy over their natural and lovely wooden buttons a couple of times. I was happy to use one on this project. I made the buttonhole two stitches smaller than the pattern called for and I picked up the button band from the opposite side suggested in the pattern because I like the tab pointing to the back rather than the front. Neighborly-7For the contrast stripes I knit 8 rounds in the main color past the increases. Then I knit contrast stripes in increasing widths each time, increasing them by 2 rows each time. After the contrast stripe was 10 rows wide I decided the top looked long enough and I did 8 rows of the main color again for some symmetry. Then I finished as specified in the pattern. Neighborly-4It’s so much easier to get pictures of Z in a knitted garment if she also has a task to do. She has been very fond of scissor practice lately. She loves to make little cuts along the edge of paper.

I love this pattern and I think it will make a nice transition piece from winter to spring.

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More rejected knitwear

Ok, ok. I’m trying to be cool about this. I finished this Like Sleeves tunic several weeks ago and so far the few attempts to put it on Z for a picture have been met with staunch refusal. I still have hope. We haven’t had many cold days, so I have only tried a few times, and I don’t want to push her. Maybe I should start doing intarsia monkeys or elephants or bunnies on all her knitted clothes… She loves those animals.likesleeves

The pattern is called Like Sleeves and I used Cascade 220 Superwash in Summer Sky.  I made the 3-4 T size so she could wear it for a few years.  That gives me plenty of time to convince her of its warm worthiness. I added a couple of inches length like I always do with her tops.


She’s still not wearing this little cardigan, which kind of breaks my heart because fits perfectly (in the 30 second try-ons I’ve been successful with) and there have been several great occasions for her to wear it. As soon as we get it on her she rips it right off. On the other hand, she loooooves this sweater and never fusses about this one either, so I’m hoping she can be coaxed into Like Sleeves one of these days. It seems she prefers pullovers to cardigans. If it can be unbuttoned, it can be ripped off. She’s also going through a phase where she hates to get dressed and undressed, so I’ll try my best to be patient until that passes. Sigh.

Always growing

This is my progress on Zooey’s Like Sleeves so far.  I finished the back and the work on the front is only a few episodes of the Gilmore Girls away.  like sleeves backI’ve been binge watching Gilmore Girls occasionally. I love that series so much.  Oh, the knitting.  The pattern is called Like Sleeves for Kids and the yarn is Cascade 220 Superwash in Summer Sky.  Z and I won’t be wearing the same design, but we will have sweaters of the same color for this season.  I added about an inch and a half length and I’m making the size 3/4.  It will be big on her this year, but will possibly fit for two more.

I love the garter stitch shaping at the top. like sleeves back-2As much as I’d like to churn out the rest of this immediately, I have a little secret project to finish up first.  I’ll be back with details of it soon!

Pattern release and a back to school sale!

firefly seeker-2I just released a new pattern on Ravelry. You guys already had a sneak peak, but now it’s officially out. I named it Firefly Seeker because one of my favorite markers of summer is catching a firefly, making a wish, and releasing it. I can’t wait to share that with Z someday.

firefly seeker-3The pattern uses Euroflax Sportweight in Aqua and Golden rod. The sizes 12 months and smaller would take less than one skein of Euroflax if you made it in one color. Larger sizes would take two. I think the pattern would work well in other fibers as well, and the piece can transition from dress to tunic to top as Z grows, since it includes about 2″ of positive ease.

From today until August 26th several of my patterns will be available 50% off for a back-to-school sale! Just use the code BACK2SCHOOL at the checkout. The patterns that are on sale include Tuxedo, Prufrock, Betwixt, Wending, Ruffaluffagus, The Unexpected Hat, and Firefly Seeker.

If you love Firefly Seeker, the pattern is available here:


Ruffaluffagus The Second was finished with plenty of time to spare. I didn’t do a full wet block, but instead pressed a damp towel against it to smooth out the wrinkles made from being shoved in a project bag so often.


I was not able to complete the 2yr old size with my 450 yard skein. I had to alter the sleeves so I just worked the sleeve short rows one past the increase, then I completed two full rounds before binding off. I had about 1.5 grams left over.

Here is a close up of picking up for the ruffles:


On another note, I’m unable to find out how to get pattern updates to those that downloaded Ruffaluffagus during the free period. I’m really sorry about this. I thought it was as simple as pushing a button in your library, as that has been my experience with other free patterns I have. I didn’t know that if I offered it for free and then turned it into a pay pattern, all of the people that got it for free wouldn’t get the update. Of course, I never counted on making mistakes either… I will keep investigating this, but in the meantime, I’m putting all the changes I made (they’re minor) on the project page, and they’re here as well:

On page 3:
Divide for front and back: From this point on you will be working on the front and back of the tunic separately. At beginning of next row, BO 2 stitches. Knit until marker. Place next 59 (62, 65, 68, 71, 80) stitches on a holder. These are the back of the garment.

Turn work so that you are looking at the WS of the front of the tunic. You will now be working stockinette flat (knit on RS, purl on WS). BO 2 st at the beginning of this row. On next RS, decrease one stitch at each armhole, 53 (57, 59, 63, 65, 75) stitches remaining. Repeat decrease 1 st on each shoulder every 4 (4, 6, 6, 8, 10) rows two times 49 (53, 55, 59, 61, 71) sts rem. You will continue in stockinette, with the exception of the 5 center broken rib sts for 12 (16, 18, 20, 20, 22) total rows, ending with a WS.

On page 4:
In the second paragraph, after the buttonhole the next sentence should read, “Work 1 more row, ending with a WS.”

On page 5:
Collar: Pick up 49 (53, 53, 57, 57, 65) sts along collar. You should pick up 1 st for each bound off neck st, and approximately 3 out of 4 sts along the shoulder rows to get these sts. Knit 3 rows, then BO. You will want to BO very loosely.

Pink and sparkles and ruffles, oh my!

It’s pretty humbling to make a mistake while knitting your own pattern. I was knitting the 2 yr old size of Ruffaluffagus, and I completely ignored some decreases, even though they were listed in the pattern. I decided that I should rearrange the sentences in the pattern so this would be more apparent, so if you have a copy, make sure you have the updated version. When I updated it on Ravelry it said “Notifications sent to 4 users,” but it was downloaded by about 2,000 people. I think once I changed it to a pay pattern, it messed with the system. Just putting the word out.


I’m going going going on this dress. It has a deadline of tomorrow afternoon. I will meet it. I also want to finish my Goodale by Saturday at 7 am for some family pictures. It has minimal finishing, so that should be ok.

The yarn is Starry by Dream in Color, in Flamingo Pie. The yarn has some sparkle to it for added whimsy. I think the rest of the pattern will go swiftly. After all, this time I’m not trying to write a pattern while I knit it. I just have to follow my own instructions.

As you can see, again I have a very small ball of yarn left. I have the ruffles, the collar, and the sleeves to finish. I’m going to go in that order, and if necessary, the sleeves will be modified. It looks like the 2yr old size will take a little more than 450 yards, or it will be super duper close. I’ll keep you posted.