Socktober Sale!

I just released my Girl with the Purled Toes pattern on Ravelry!

GWPT finished-6It’s a pretty basic toe-up sock, with heel flaps, done two at a time using magic loop. The purled toe gives a roomier feel to the toe, and adds a little contrast to the rest of the sock.

This is the first time I’ve included some photo tutorial elements, showing the order for picking up the gussets when you work two socks at a time, since this seems to be the most confusing part for those new to toe-up two-at-a-time techniques. Doing socks two at a time from the toe up lets me use all but the last bits of yarn. For this pair, I knit the cuff until I had 6 grams left in each ball, then I started the ribbing.

GWPT finished-3To celebrate Socktober, my sock patterns will all be 30% off until the 16th of the month. Use the code SOCKTOBER when you checkout to apply the discount. This applies to Girl with the Purled Toes, Prufrock, and TuxedoGWPT finishedFor this pair I used Koigu KPPPM in color P140. I love the way it striped. Colinette Jitterbug usually gives me a similar effect when I use their striped colorways.

If you’re feeling the sock love, go and buy a pattern here. Happy Socktober! I still have to decide what I’m casting on, but there’s still plenty of time.

When Black Friday comes, put your Tuxedos on.

Make yourself some socks instead of shop! Or shop for sock yarn…no judgement. This Black Friday I’m releasing Tuxedo. This pattern is a toe up lace sock, done two at a time and magic loop for the sock adventurer. The sizing is custom as you go. I love knowing all of the elements that go into sizing a sock, and these type of custom patterns are helpful for that learning process. You better understand the construction of the whole piece when it’s over.

The lace is a very simple repeat that you can easily memorize, and it is stretchy enough to accomodate several foot widths. You can also add additional stitches on the leg and continue until you are able to use all of your sock yarn.

I made these out of Malabrigo Sock, aka deliciously buttery merino, in a color called Alcaucil. This color is shown as a dark green on their site, but it actually appears to be much more black in person. Regardless of the color differences, the yarn is heaven to knit touch while you knit.

The pattern is available on Ravelry. You can read more about it here or but it directly by clicking on this button:

Photos by Matt Petty.

Ode to color 1364.

Ty-Dy sock yarn by KNIT ONE crochet too.

My fingers will travel a quarter of a mile down this 100 gram strand of wool as I knit one stitch after the next, shaping and forming toes, heels, legs, and cuffs. My fingers have committed this route to memory, so much so that I only need to know the width of the foot, length to the heel flap, and total length of the foot. My fingers do all of the rest of the thinking. This is comfort.

This is color 1364.

Summer Slice

Summer is coming to an end. Many knitters rejoice in this since we get to pull out our delicious wools to knit with or wear. I am a fan of summer, and though it has been an intensely hot one, I’m still sad to part with it. As a Labor Day holiday/end of summer gift, I have a FREE sock pattern! I call this pattern Summer Slice. The lace reminds me of a slice of watermelon, but really it could be any luscious summer fruit.

I used Classic Elite Summer Sox in Seagrass (for the toes and cuff) and Coral for the rest. The fit is customized as you go, so you can use your preferred sock needle size and different yarns as well. I think the lace would look best with other solid or semi-solid yarns. The lace is a 12-row repeat that becomes somewhat intuitive after a few times. The socks are constructed two at a time, using the magic loop method, from the toe up. This is my favorite method of knitting socks. I love the satisfaction of finishing both at a time.

You can find the pattern on Ravelry here. Hope everyone has a wonderful Labor Day weekend!

Photos taken by my awesome bf, Matthew Petty.


This summer has been refreshing. Class is over for another month and the upcoming semester will be less intense than others have been in my PhD program. Though it is sweltering outside, my knitting hasn’t slowed. I’ve been working on a dress for about a month. I’m making it out Amy Butler Belle Organic DK in an indigo color. I have these socks going because I can’t knit monogamously and I usually have some sort of thoughtless stockinette project going in the background.  It’s some Opal self-striping yarn I’ve had in my stash for quite awhile.

Simple stockinette socks.

I’m scheming for my next projects as well. Liesl is soon to come, as well as Howlcat as the weather cools. I have a hat to publish soon. It’s called The Unexpected Hat and I started a class on it yesterday at Hand Held Knitting. The class focuses on learning continental style knitting, so I wanted to have them make a project with an equal amount of knits and purls to get lots of practice. Here is a little sneak peek:

There are nine people in the class. They’re a good group. It’s intense teaching that many at once, but everyone seems patient with the process, which is helpful. I checked the pattern twice myself, making a sample for Hand Held and one for myself. I’ll publish it on Ravelry and link to it from my blog at the end of this class. I want to make sure all of the instructions are clear to other people. I think when providing instructions, I tend to be more wordy than necessary in an attempt to make sure I provide exacting information that is easy to follow, but I might be providing too much information.

Lately, I keep waking up in the middle of the night and I have trouble going back to sleep. Then I think about things I want to knit or design and my heart really starts pumping. Then it’s really hard to go back to sleep. I guess it’s pretty lovely to have this kind of passion for fibers. I have been stashing some Habu A-21 silk and stainless steel yarn, and some A-33 merino since I went to NYC two summers ago. I’ve been dreaming up a project for that lace weight fiber, and I just bought some A-60 linen paper. I’m not sure what I will make with the paper yet, but I’m excited to work with it. I don’t mind having an abundance of future knitted projects waiting to be born.

I just turned 30, and I think it’s going to be a great year.

The Girl with the Purl Toes

I like simple socks.  I like a quarter mile of stockinette sometimes to subtly soothe my restless fingers and quell my frantic mind.  I like take socks with me everywhere, and I usually am knitting at least two pairs at once.  These particular socks I engineered from the toe-up, both at once, using the magic loop method.  To make them more interesting, I gave them purled toes.  I’m working on writing up a pattern for these socks, even though they are ridiculously simple.  I think the purled toe gives a little more wiggle room and makes the socks just a wee bit more interesting.  These were made using Koigu KPPM. The yarn was a gift from my Canadian friend, Greg.  I’ve had these finished for over 4 months, but had yet to take a picture of them.  It seems I have a lot of projects like that these days.

I am currently in the knitting midst of a sweater, two pairs of socks, two headbands, and probably some other lurking woolen beasts I’ve forgotten about.  School begins next week.  I don’t know if a more rigid schedule or a more lax one makes for more frequent blogging, so we shall see.  I begin my second year as a PhD student in counselor education.  In some ways I’m looking forward to all the activity and people, and bustle, but in others I will miss my often too quiet summer.  I am looking forward to cooler days, outdoor adventures, and reasons to finish cardigans quickly.