Tips and Tricks

Read about my tips and tricks for knitting projects.

Dyeing with Koolaid

How I fixed a washing mishap

Tips for top down mittens

Tips for socks that sometimes turn into mittens when you’re short on yarn

Thoughts about sweater construction

Some whys of different sweater construction methods

Heel flap tutorial for toe-up socks

Pictures that document step by step how to make a toe-up heel flap and gussed

Thoughts about sweater ease

Musings about sweater fit

Swatching a round

An easy way to quickly swatch in the round

Blocking tips for sweaters

Tips for blocking sweaters

Blocking a collar

How a bowl can help you block a collar

Weaving floats in Fair Isle

Tips for weaving long floats when doing Fair Isle

Tips for finishing

Tips for making your finished sweaters more polished

Heel turn help

Images that help you see your way through a heel turn

Lace blocking tutorial

A brief guide to blocking lace

Storing knits

How to treat knits when you need to store them for months

Tracking your stash

Saving your stash in a Ravelry library

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