The stockinette sweater parade continues!

My mind is surprisingly alive and engaged even though I am knitting about a mile of stockinette on this sweater, or at least 1300 yards.

breezy prog-2

This is the fifth time I’ve worked on a Hannah Fettig sweater in the past year. Crazy, huh? I just think she’s got good style, I guess. I made two Featherweight Cardigans, a Tiny Rocky Coast, a Rocky Coast Cardigan, and this is an update on my Breezy Cardigan. I’m pretty sure my next sweater is going to be another one of her designs, because Matt gave me 1600 yards of this lovely yarn for Christmas!

Come to think of it, last year was a pretty good year for sweaters! I made 9 sweaters last year, if you count a Liesl tunic as a sweater. Three of these were baby things, but I’m quite chuffed at my knitting progress for last year. Excuse my British slang. I love it, and I just reread all of the Harry Potter books so it’s fresh in my mind. I’ve also been gorging on British shows on Hulu like Fresh Meat, Pramface, and Inbetweeners, as well as some good ol’ Downton Abbey while I knit all of this stockinette.

Happy Wednesday!

A new year!

I have been slow about blogging over the holiday, not because I was so crazy busy knitting last minute gifts, baking, cooking, or traveling to family homes in a whirlwind, but just because it’s good to unplug sometimes. Matt, Zooey, and I had a quiet Christmas at home since we were all feeling a little under the weather and the actual weather included a bunch of predicted snow. We stayed cozy and cooked and spent time together.


I managed to do a little secret Christmas knitting for Matt. The pattern is Howlcat by Alexandra Tinsley.


It can be worn as either a double-layered hat or a cowl. I thought it would be a nice hat for super cold days and a cowl for winter wind on bike rides. I used Sublime Organic Merino Wook DK in color 190, and Rowan Felted Tweed DK in Watery (number 152). Both of these yarns are “DK” but there is a huge difference between them. The Sublime is lofty and feels so much more like a worsted. The Felted Tweed seems like fingering to me, but it does bloom a bit. I had to go down two needle sizes with the Sublime and three needles sizes on the Felted Tweed part to get the right gauge.


It seems appropriate to have a cat in one of these photos.


I hope everyone is having a great New Year! Ours is mostly quiet so far. I’m relishing the last two weeks before I return to work three days a week. As much as I feel ready to have normal, not-completely-baby days, I will miss her like crazy on those days. After about three hours right now I get tetchy and ready to see her. We’ll see how it goes.

Insanity, thy name is Cassy

I may have overestimated my perceived levels of sanity when undertaking this:sleeves1

Please excuse the blurriness. This is the beginning of my Treeline Striped Cardigan made with Creative Focus Worsted and some grey/green Kidsilk Haze. I’m loving the way it looks, but I may have been a bit too ambitious when undertaking both sleeves at at time using magic loop with SIX STRAND OF POTENTIALLY TANGLING AND CLINGY YARN. There is a lot of unwinding and rearranging of skeins going on. Other than that, it’s peachy. I’m being very careful, keeping the cats locked out of the room, and obviously this will not travel well. I have about 9 inches left on the sleeves. So far I have modified the increases to be M1 left and M1 right instead of the kf&b increases in the pattern. I wanted them to look more invisible. I did the first increase kf&b and didn’t go back to change it because I just don’t care that much. Some of you might be cringing at that… I also am making the sleeves a wee bit longer to cover the bottom of my hands.

Christmas knitting continues…halfway through a scarf for my brother, then I only have a scarf and hat to go. Totally manageable given I will be off work for half of December. I can justify the hours spent toward Treeline with ease.

The Christmas shackles take hold.

I have decided to commit myself to making Christmas gifts for almost everyone that I’m giving a gift to. I am only commiting to hats, mittens, scarves and/or some combination of the three for everyone on my list. That seems doable. I already have one hat, and two pairs of mittens done. That takes care of one complete and two half-gifts. Does that make sense? I have been doing knitting for myself too. Here is the ganomy hat that I finished a few weeks ago and have been too lazy to post about:

First finished ganomy

First finished ganomy

I have since done two more ganomys (they’re quick and addictive), a Robin beret from Kim Hargreaves Thrown Together. The Robin beret was a bit slower, being all sock yarn. I used Alpaca Sox from Classic Elite Yarns and went down a needle size as usual. I used 0’s and 1’s. I modified it by doing it in the round to avoid seaming. I can’t really fathom any reason not to do it in the round unless you really relish seaming things. I think the top would not be as neat and cute with a seam, but I guess I haven’t tried it both ways, so it’s hard to say. I just avoided a hell of a lot of purling. Yea! I also didn’t go with a pom pom.

Other FO’s: A ganomy for my brother with Creative Focus worsted in a brown color. Fluffy cuff mittens for my sister. I can’t remember what yarn at the moment, and some simple mittens of my own design for my brother’s girlfriend in some turquoise and white Lamb’s Pride worsted. Someday hopefully I will post pics of these items, and I may even post the mitten pattern if anyone is interested. They’re pretty simple mittens with a thumb gusset and a ribbed cuff.