Another 1.1 miles of knitting down

still light-9Sometimes I like to think about the mileage my hands traverse with skeins of yarn. Ok, so I don’t have the exact mileage on this one, but I know I used four full skeins of Ella Rae Lace Merino in Dark Teal (1840 yards) and I probably used at least 1oo yards of leftover Ella Rae Lace Merino in color #9 for the pockets, rounding out to about 1.1 miles of knitting. That’s a workout for the hands over many many hours. I don’t keep track of those hours. Sometimes non-knitters are completely shocked by the time that goes into a piece. While this one required almost zero thought, it did require a substantial chunk of time. I’d say maybe 80-100 hours. But that’s just a guess. still light-6I’m incredibly pleased with the result. This was just what my wardrobe needed. I love my first Still Light Tunic immensely and wear it often. I think this one will get weekly wear (or maybe more) as long as the weather has some cooler days. still light-8I did a contrast color in the pockets because I thought it would be pretty and I really wanted to avoid breaking into a fifth skein of Ella Rae so I could exchange it for another yarn I’d been obsessing over in my LYS. still light-3For me, this pattern is pretty perfect as written. I don’t think I made a single change to the instructions at all, which is really saying something. I knit this in the small size because that’s the size of my first one. My first version was still flattering on my post-baby-dreaming-of-all-my-smaller-clothes body, so I went with that again. Plus, superwash yarns like this have a tendency to G-R-O-W when they get wet. I still haven’t wet blocked this baby. I was to eager to wear it so I put it on a dress form, gave it a quick steam, and wore it the next day. still light-4Just one tiny button. still light-2And I’m doing weird things with the pockets here, but whatevs. This is a dress with pockets. Not so functional that they can carry a heavy cell phone without drooping in a weird way, but pockets that give you a place to put your hands when you want a place to put your hands. You can dress this baby up or down. This is going to be one of my new favorites.

I am dreaming up (and now have the yarn for) some fantastically fun things coming up. I can’t wait to share more projects soon!

Knit. Love. Repeat.

How many of you out there knit the same projects over and over? I love to mix things up, but there are favorites of mine that I knit over and over. For some of these, like Ishbel, I’d say it’s because I both really enjoy the process and the product it makes. I think I’ve made four of those in total. I’ve knit Breezy twice in adult sizes, and once in a kiddo size. That one is all product love for me. For my current knit, Still Light, the knitting involves over a mile of stockinette (with a tiny bit of ribbing), and while this process is relaxing, it’s definitely the product that I really covet.

I wear my first Still Light at least once a week when the weather cooperates. The style has been flattering and forgiving as I’ve gained and lost weight through two pregnancies. I even wore this often when largely pregnant and I still liked it. I’ve repaired it in a couple of places. I decided I needed a back up. Truthfully, I would love to have about four of these and wear them all the time. still light

This one is being crafted with Ella Rae Lace Merino in Dark Teal. I made my first one in Ella Rae as well, and it’s held up well, despite the fineness of the yarn. This color is rocking my world right now. My eyes can’t get enough of it.

What are repeat knits can’t you stop making?

Always growing

This is my progress on Zooey’s Like Sleeves so far.  I finished the back and the work on the front is only a few episodes of the Gilmore Girls away.  like sleeves backI’ve been binge watching Gilmore Girls occasionally. I love that series so much.  Oh, the knitting.  The pattern is called Like Sleeves for Kids and the yarn is Cascade 220 Superwash in Summer Sky.  Z and I won’t be wearing the same design, but we will have sweaters of the same color for this season.  I added about an inch and a half length and I’m making the size 3/4.  It will be big on her this year, but will possibly fit for two more.

I love the garter stitch shaping at the top. like sleeves back-2As much as I’d like to churn out the rest of this immediately, I have a little secret project to finish up first.  I’ll be back with details of it soon!

Continued blue

My SSKAL 2014 Coda is on the blocking board and almost ready for some final finished pics, but in the meantime, I decided to cast on something for Z.  I happened to have a few skeins of Cascade 220 superwash in the same color as my Coda so I decided I should make her a little fall garment. like sleevesIt’s called Like Sleeves for kids and I think it will be a lovely garment for transitioning as a fall, winter, and maybe even spring layer.  I’m making the size 3-4, which might be a little big, but I have enough yarn for that size and it can work as an oversized tunic/dress for awhile.  That’s my favorite part about knitted tunics and dresses.

I love this color, Summer Sky, and am thrilled to launch into another project with it.  I hope to get Coda pics up in the next few days and shortly after that reveal the finished secret sweater design I’ve been working on for Matt.  I feel a round of finished objects coming on.

A dress that screams, “PINK!”

cocktail dress-7This dress has been done since May 7, when I eagerly cast on the Saco Stripes tank.  It’s called Cocktail(Dress) by La Maison Rililie.  This is the second pattern of hers that I’ve knitted.  I also made her BlueSand Cardigan and both patterns were well-written with nice polished details, like i-cord edgings.  While I didn’t always appreciate knitting the i-cord edging at the end when I wanted the dress to be DONE, I really like the look of them. cocktail dress-9I had to deviate from the pattern at the bottom, when I started to run out of the main color.  There are no contrast stripes in the original pattern, but since I bought my MC at a deep discount when it was discontinued, it was unavailable.  I had plenty of the lighter pink, so I improvised as shown above.  I wasn’t crazy about it at first, but it’s grown on me.  I think sometimes we fret over elements of a pattern while knitting them that become completely irrelevant later when wearing the garment.  cocktail dress-10

My sizing is between the small and medium sizes.  I wanted to hit something around the 34″ bust for a bit of negative ease there, but I wanted to keep some of the positive ease around the waist and hips.  I just compared my measurements to the finished garment schematics and tried to hit something that worked well for my body.  I left off a decrease in the waist, knitted to the high hip increases and worked as specified, then I added an additional hip increase.  I’m happy with the body skimming fit.  I also like the colors together more than I thought I would, and while it definitely screams, “GIRLY,” it is a dress, after all.  cocktail dress-4I put off taking pics till after my chin stitches were out, and then I just decided to do a photo shoot with just me, my camera, my tripod, and a remote.  Matt takes a lot of my pictures, and he does a fabulous job of it.  I can be very finicky about the specificity of an angle in a shot, or a weird face I’m making, so it’s nice when I can take a bunch of time and play around with the camera.  That’s also why this post is photo-heavy.  cocktail dress-2I used Laines du Nord Baby Milk yarn, a merino, milk-fiber, and cashmere blend.  I wish it wasn’t discontinued and was available in more colors.  It’s hella soft.  I used pink, light pink, and dove gray.  All in all, the dress cost only about 48 dollars, so I’m especially pleased for that much yarn.

Back to knitting!

Close, but no.

I knitted as fast as I could, but I overestimated my ability to finish the Cocktail(Dress) in time to wear to a wedding this evening.  Guess I’ll have to settle for this old thing instead.

cocktailI added a little bit of length and made some mods.  Even so, I had a couple of extra skeins of the main color so I thought I was safe.  I realized a day ago that I was definitely going to run out.  Rather than order more yarn and wait a week or so for it to get here, I decided I would try striping in some of the lighter pink contrast color since I had plenty of that left.  I would prefer a solid body, but I think I can live with this too.  cocktail-2Thoughts?  Does it look ok or is it obnoxious?

Pattern release and a back to school sale!

firefly seeker-2I just released a new pattern on Ravelry. You guys already had a sneak peak, but now it’s officially out. I named it Firefly Seeker because one of my favorite markers of summer is catching a firefly, making a wish, and releasing it. I can’t wait to share that with Z someday.

firefly seeker-3The pattern uses Euroflax Sportweight in Aqua and Golden rod. The sizes 12 months and smaller would take less than one skein of Euroflax if you made it in one color. Larger sizes would take two. I think the pattern would work well in other fibers as well, and the piece can transition from dress to tunic to top as Z grows, since it includes about 2″ of positive ease.

From today until August 26th several of my patterns will be available 50% off for a back-to-school sale! Just use the code BACK2SCHOOL at the checkout. The patterns that are on sale include Tuxedo, Prufrock, Betwixt, Wending, Ruffaluffagus, The Unexpected Hat, and Firefly Seeker.

If you love Firefly Seeker, the pattern is available here: