Last week I was lamenting about the other Ishbel I was working on. After hemming and hawing over how much or little I like the variegation in the yarn with this pattern, I have decided not to rip it, but it can stay in my UFO (unfinished objects) drawer for awhile while I work on some other things. Since I only have about 14 rows left to finish it, so ripping it seems like a waste. I really appreciate all of the input from readers on that post.

Instead, I pulled a partially done Ishbel in Araucania Ranco Solid sock yarn (color 105) out of my UFO drawer and decided to work on it so I could satisfy my need to have an Ishbel in my hands sooner than later, and I could get something out of that pile.  I wasn’t sure where I was in the lace pattern so I ripped back to the stockinette and got going. I was off work that day, so I finished all of the lace portion in one day and got it on the blocking board. I love it.

I don’t knit with a lot of red yarns, but I like this shade since it’s more on the orange-red than blue-red spectrum. I made the smaller version of the shawl, doing the lace repeat as A,B,A,C,D,E. Some folks opt to do the small stockinette portion with the larger lace or large stockinette portion with the smaller lace, but I just stuck with the pattern. I have some leftover yarn. I sort of hate having leftovers, but I’ll get over it.

I actually even got to wear this at work one day last week since they keep it pretty cool in this library. The temperature is climbing to the upper 90s and 100 this week, so I’m pretty sure all things wool are eliminated from my wardrobe for now.

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