This is my fifth Ishbel shawl to make, and it’s definitely the softest yet. I used some Bittersweet Woolery Glamour Gams yarn in Iceling. I love the subtle blues and greens and the color shifts are not so abrupt and full of contrast that they detract from the lace.

I accidentally made the stockinette part a little too large, so I made sure I increased to a multiple that worked with the lace, and it turned out just fine. This pattern is a snap to make. I remember the first time it mystified me a bit because I misread the pattern. The lace charts are labeled A, B, C, D, and E, so naturally I assumed that they went in order and didn’t understand why it wasn’t coming out correctly. The order is shifted around, so if you make this pattern, just make sure to do that pattern reading thing so you don’t make the same mistake I did back in 2011.

I have the first Ishbel that I made still and wear it often. Two of the ones I made were gifts, and I attempted another one, but hated the way the colors were knitting up so I promptly ripped that one out. There is no need to finish knits I don’t enjoy just for the sake of finishing. I feel the same way about books.

This is one of my favorite shawls, ever.

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