I might have gone yarn crazy (as if you didn’t already know), but I’m just going to embrace it. WEBS was having a sale on discontinued colors of Cascade 220 and I decided it was the perfect time to get enough yarn to make Matt a fantastic cardigan with cables and a shawl collar. Maybe something like this one. Those eat up a lot of yarn! So a sale on worsted weight wool at $5 a ball for 220 yards seemed like the perfect time to get a large quantity.

I asked him what colors he liked. By the time I made the purchase, the Olympic Rain color (heathered hunter-green with blue notes) was gone. He also like the Pyrite Heather, which I was going to buy for myself (hey, it’s cheap yarn people) for a Kenzo, so I ended up buying seventeen balls of that color, assuring I would have more than enough to make lovely cabled sweaters for me and Matt. I will almost surely have enough to also make an Antler Cardigan for Zooey too.

Yo. That's a lotta yarn.

Yo. That’s a lotta yarn.

Do you see where this is going? Matching colors for all of us! Yep, I’ve gone off the deep end. I don’t want to be so matchy that we all have the exact same sweater, but a matching color on varying cabled sweaters for all of us seems like an acceptable theme.  I will probably be so sick of that color in the end…but I’m going to try to get it done anyway.


Well, I thought I should get enough yarn for one more sweater (it was so cheap!), since I also really liked the chocolaty Mocha Heather. I got another 7 balls of the Mocha Heather which I can turn into either this for Matt or maybe this for me.


All in all it was about 4 sweaters-worth of yarn (one baby-sized) for $130 with shipping. For some pretty 100% wool yarn, I think it’s a deal. That’s 5,280 yards of yarn, or 3.3 miles of yarn. Phew! These are both more gorgeous in person.

Up-close sexy shot.

Up-close sexy shot.

Just as I thought I was knitting several sweaters out of my stash, it turns out that I’m going to  replace it. Oh shucks.

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