Matt’s sleeves are finished and the sweater has been blocked. It’s now waiting in a nice little stack. While it was drying yesterday, I knew I had to cast something else on, because the two pairs of stockinette socks I have going might have bored me to death otherwise.

ImageAs I’ve mentioned before, I plan to turn the 17 balls of Pyrite Heather Cascade 220 I bought deeply discounted into matching family sweaters. I don’t care about us all wearing the same pattern. I just want us to have the same color. I thought about making an Antler Cardigan for Zooey, but since this is such an adult color already, I thought she should have something a little more playful. I decided to make a Neighborly.


The sweater is suited for worsted weight, but it only comes in one size (3-5 yrs). The pattern calls for an 8, so I went down to a 5 to make the entire thing smaller without having to alter the numbers. It’s coming along nicely. My button band is on the wrong side because I chose to leave the neater looking edge at the top.


I was especially inspired by this example on Ravelry. I’m replicating how she did the stripes, with some leftover Creative Focus Worsted in a cream color. I thought that might make the sweater seem more feminine and fun, despite the army-greenish color. I might also add some little cap sleeves instead of the ribbing around the arm called for in the pattern.


Before blocking, the chest is about 20 inches around. This yarn blocks very nicely, so it will probably easily block to an inch or an inch and a half larger. I’m happy to be making another vest/tunic item for Z. She gets the most use out of this little dress/tunic  that I knitted before she was born because it’s good for layering and in-between weather. I think this Neighborly pullover will work well through fall and winter.

I’m not sick of the color yet…When this wee sweater is finished I’ll seam some sweater pieces and pick up the shawl collar. I’m planning on a Kenzo for myself in the same color, but I don’t know that I will cast that on right away. I might need to inject some other colors into my knitting repertoire for a bit.

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