still light-9Sometimes I like to think about the mileage my hands traverse with skeins of yarn. Ok, so I don’t have the exact mileage on this one, but I know I used four full skeins of Ella Rae Lace Merino in Dark Teal (1840 yards) and I probably used at least 1oo yards of leftover Ella Rae Lace Merino in color #9 for the pockets, rounding out to about 1.1 miles of knitting. That’s a workout for the hands over many many hours. I don’t keep track of those hours. Sometimes non-knitters are completely shocked by the time that goes into a piece. While this one required almost zero thought, it did require a substantial chunk of time. I’d say maybe 80-100 hours. But that’s just a guess. still light-6I’m incredibly pleased with the result. This was just what my wardrobe needed. I love my first Still Light Tunic immensely and wear it often. I think this one will get weekly wear (or maybe more) as long as the weather has some cooler days. still light-8I did a contrast color in the pockets because I thought it would be pretty and I really wanted to avoid breaking into a fifth skein of Ella Rae so I could exchange it for another yarn I’d been obsessing over in my LYS. still light-3For me, this pattern is pretty perfect as written. I don’t think I made a single change to the instructions at all, which is really saying something. I knit this in the small size because that’s the size of my first one. My first version was still flattering on my post-baby-dreaming-of-all-my-smaller-clothes body, so I went with that again. Plus, superwash yarns like this have a tendency to G-R-O-W when they get wet. I still haven’t wet blocked this baby. I was to eager to wear it so I put it on a dress form, gave it a quick steam, and wore it the next day. still light-4Just one tiny button. still light-2And I’m doing weird things with the pockets here, but whatevs. This is a dress with pockets. Not so functional that they can carry a heavy cell phone without drooping in a weird way, but pockets that give you a place to put your hands when you want a place to put your hands. You can dress this baby up or down. This is going to be one of my new favorites.

I am dreaming up (and now have the yarn for) some fantastically fun things coming up. I can’t wait to share more projects soon!

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