Okay, are you sick of hearing about hoodies? Because I’m not done yet. I started my R&R Hoodie on August 15th, and aside from working on a few scant rows on some socks that Zooey tried to separate from their skeins, I have been in solid hoodie mode for the entire time. That’s some dedication. When my R&R got too unwieldy to cart around I cast on a tiny one for Charlotte. That one is done and so naturally, I had to cast on this one for Zooey, almost exactly a month after I started mine. That’s a lot of hoodie action in one month.z-hoodieThis version is by far the wildest. As with Charlotte’s hoodie, I am holding two different fingering yarns together to get the right weight. Theoretically this is to use up my large fingering weight stash, but I may have had to purchase some extra of the Colinette Jitterbug Paintbox color to make sure I would have enough… I’m holding the Jitterbug (which you can see on its own here) with Regia Summerpoint in pink and purple. While I love the Jitterbug Paintbox color on its own, I know a wily four year old that has many adventures. I appreciate the miraculous funk removing power of this soap, but I also like the idea of an additional color element so that in case of irremovable stains, they might be disguised.

I enjoy the purple parts more than the pink. I originally planned on striping about every two inches, but I think the alternating stripes plus the marled two-colors-held-together element was just too much. It was starting to seem ugly, rather than fun. I decided the pink could be pocket, hood, and i-cord accent rather than a main element. It may have to be the majority (or all) of the hood depending on how much I have when I get to that point, and I’m cool with that.

I’m just going to keep up with this hoodie action until it is fully out of my system. I think that’s the best way to deal with this addiction.

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