It’s no secret that I am a repeat knitter when it comes to a pattern I love. This pattern, Ishbel, and this is my fifth time to knit it. I think this is my most knitted pattern, aside from simple stockinette socks. It has become a comfort knitting project for me.

I really enjoy the lace on this pattern. It’s easy to follow and execute, and it flows rhythmically, shifting slightly from row to row in a predictable wave. I was wearing the only other Ishbel I kept at my local farmer’s market a couple of weekends ago and ran into another knitter that identified it by name. I was a nice introductory conversation piece that fueled my extraversion and knitting nerd urges, so I have even more positive associations with it. It happens to be so ubiquitious (13,964 projects on Ravelry) that it brings strangers together.

This yarn is from a trip to Rhinebeck in 2011. That was my one and only trip to Rhinebeck (so far). It is from Bittersweet Woolery and it is in the Glamor Gams line in the color Iceling. It has merino and a bit of cashmere and feels lovely.

After this project I will have officially knit all of the the yarn in my stash from that trip to Rhinebeck. That means, of course, that I need to take another trip. Possibly this fall. Anyone planning on going to Rhinebeck?


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