I’m in love with this color. The yarn is Dream in Color Smooshy and this color is Melon Bomb. My first garment for Zooey was made with this colorway in the Starry DIC base, back when it had actual strands of silver in the yarn. I’ve loved the color since. A few months back I decided I would have to get a couple of skeins and either make another kid thing or make something for myself. When I finally got inspired by spring/summer knits this year I decided that the Melon Bomb must be used for a summer tee for me.

The pattern is Over the Top Top from Purl Soho. I got gauge on a size 5 needle, but as I was knitting a bit I became worried about having enough yarn. I decided I should order a third skein just in case. Obviously it wouldn’t be the same dye lot, but as I perused knitting sites for this color I also learned that some Smooshy comes in kettle dyed versions and I had previously ordered that. Well, I could not find any kettle dyed Melon bomb to order, so I purchased the regular version and am hoping that if I have to break into a third skein it will be only for the hemmed armhole and neckline where a more solid color would look planned.

To make the whole thing more challenging I’m adding about 3 inches to the length, because 11.5 inches below the underarm is a crop top on my frame, so this is turning into a game of yarn chicken as I go. I figure if I can get most of the back done with just one ball that’s a solid win. As I was knitting I realized my gauge was not as loose as the swatch, so I made a concerted effort to be a bit looser. I think all will be fine after the magic of blocking.

I may aim to make the neckline a bit deeper to help my yarn chicken project along. It’s gorgeous as is, but I think I will enjoy wearing it more if it has a slightly lower neckline since it is a summer top made of wool. I’m crossing my fingers and knitting quickly and loosely. Wish me luck.

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