I have finished objects to share, and haven’t been able to keep up with the official posed, taken by my SLR camera, and processed in Lightroom photographs I usually aim for. Instead, I went on a little vacation and with Matt’s help I took a bunch of pictures of myself wearing Aperture. Because it was chilly enough to wear it every single day.

Denver was lovely. We walked about 23,000 steps each day, took B Cycles around town for areas that weren’t as walkable, and used Ubers when we felt our legs were giving out.

What about the shawl? The pattern is Aperture by Ambah O’Brien. I love wearing it as the open lace makes it more accessible for spring/summer wear. My office is always cold, so I’m able to wear shawls often. The yarn is Colinette Jitterbug in Wasabi Squeeze. This color matches many things in my wardrobe so I’m happy to have it as a piece I can mix and match. I made the smaller size, which is around my usually preferred size for shawls.

I think with as much open lace as this one has, I would give the larger size a chance, or aim for something in between. In fact, I have a gradient fingering weight kit by Katia that is meeting that fate right now, but that’s information for another post. I think this shawl is perfect as is, and I anticipate wearing it constantly. I almost never wear shawls just draped across my shoulders (as shown above), but I actually like this shawl in that position. 

This summer is FLYING by and really feels like summer now (crazy humid and hot here). The Over the Top Top is finished, but I am lacking pictures for it. Soon!

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