In the rush to get the second Endpaper Mitt done I totally forgot some socks I started in mid December when I was at the coolest psychotherapy conference ever.

This yarn is the color Biker Chick in the Estrellita base from Miss Babs Yarns. The color was haunting my mind and I kept imagining it as Monkey Socks. So here they are!

I’ve made this pattern a few times before. I have made them toe-up each time. There are many different mods for this pattern including a toe-up version as well as a no-purl version. The pattern is upside-down since I’m making them toe-up, but I don’t mind. I think they look great both ways.

I got this yarn when I was at Rhinebeck. I was already in the line for Miss Babs Yarn on the first day when I kept seeing people walk by with this beautiful colorway. The next day I went again and found it in fingering weight, and the hardest choice was choosing between the yarn base with sparkles or the yarn base without them. I chose the base with sparkles because there was something delightful about imagining the juxtaposition of biker chick with sparkles.

These have seen little action since I was at the conference. I didn’t take Matt’s sweater with me to California so when I returned I gave that most of my focus. I have the front and back finished and most of the sleeves, so these socks will see some action soon. As long as I can bear to put down the whisks and spatulas on the weekend…

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