Whilst I engage in some continued procrastination on sweater sleeves, it seemed exceedingly important to get another project going that could serve as a knit safe enough to take to the movie theater. I always have some knit that is simple enough to let me split focus and not have to look at it. Usually those things are socks for me, but since I only have Monkey Socks on the needles, that’s not going to work. So I dived into my stash intending to make a pullover that was cozy and simple. I’d saved several Isabell Kraemer patterns in my favorites and Pink Memories seemed to be perfect. I paired it with some Louet Gems Sport in Caribou and off I went!

The pattern is simple and satisfying so far. The raglan shaping has more finesse than usual, somewhat like Blank Canvas, with a little less emphasis across the shoulder part. I think it will wear really well. In my wardrobe my absolute favorite and would-wear-it-everyday-if-I-wouldn’t-get-strange-looks sweater is Oshima. It looks great and I wear it at least twice a week when it’s cold. I needed another staple that was neutral and could be thrown on with anything. I’m hoping this sweater fits the bill.

I haven’t abandoned Matt’s sleeves and I will likely finish them up soon so he can actually wear a new sweater while it’s cold. But Pink Memories will definitely be keeping me company in the movie theater tonight!

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